There I was slightly waking up.  I was in that state between getting ready to wake up.  Then I started to hear this tiny chiming female voice.  It still sounded faint, but yet I recognized a female tone with a mix with wind chimes.  It was high toned.  It kept on speaking.  I can only describe it similar to the way a FLY would buzz around your space around your head.  The difference?  It didn’t sound like a fly or any kind of insect.  It was that sound of a female, windchime tone.

I ignored it a couple of times trying to get back to deep sleep.  BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!   It bugged me again.  It took about maybe 5 times between trying to get back into deep sleep.  When I finally said to myself in my head, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” I sat right up at the edge of my bed and said, “Okay what do you want?”  I looked at the time and it was exactly 6:00AM when I sat right up.  I was without remorse as I honestly do not feel like it was FAIR.  NOT FAIR!

Skilled mediums may say, “TALK TO IT”.  Im sorry.  I am not sensitive or empathetic to these things.  I feel that it is not fair that something spiritual can bother you and they have no sense of TIME.  Yet they can bother us when “WE” have a time schedule.   We humans need to sleep and live our lives.   SO to me it is not fair.  Not fair at all that they can bother us.

So I said in my head to that entity, “You know I do not know why you are asking me to help you.  I am not skillful to these things.  You need to let go with any obligations you think you have tied to this earth.  Let all things go.  I will ask Creator to take you to his light and love.”

As a Thetahealer……I am taught to not spend time with entities.   We just send them to Creator.  They usually return not bothering people but coming back to remember their benevolence and love.    Then they are without asking things that are earthbounded.

So I did that.  I sent that voice or entity to Creator’s light and love.

As I tried doing that, I was visited by that entity again and it said, “I just wanted to ask for help.”  I said, “Sorry.  I dont want to.  There are other Mediums that actually have the passion to help entities like you.”


Mediums may by this point have their jaws drop down and say, “Wow. How can you be so indifferent?”   Well honestly…..I do not want to extend my mediumship skills even though they are apparent and obvious.    I dont want to make it “A NEED” or a skill that becomes strong as what the LONG ISLAND medium does and that woman Allison Dubois.  Seriously…..I commend them for what they do.  I have much huge respect for all mediums.  I just do not want to have that kind of lifestyle.

I find the Long Island Medium and Alison Dubois…skillful but yet to me……HONESTLY… looks exhausting.  Seriously.  It looks exhausting.   I want to have other things to worry about.  Seriously.   I want to worry about my life….the growth of my family and friends.  OTHER FOCUS.



Numerology Number 6

I had to take into consideration to the 6:00AM significance when I woke up this morning.

What does 6 mean?  I woke up exactly at 6am.  Okay so I went to read up on the number 6.

I guess after reading about the numerology 6, I am beginning to think perhaps I was a little rash on my first thought when I woke up.  Im not sure yet.  Im still protective of myself.  I cannot tell the difference between a benevolent or malevolent. You know……I will not budge until I know the truth.

So here are some links:


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