I have to struggle to succeed.

This sentence was a belief that my cousin wanted to work on.  We had discussed it a few weeks ago to see if she had that belief.  She muscle tested swaying forward and was surprised and shocked to know she had that belief.

Doing this digging work, I came to the conclusion that people have different versions of what SUCCESS means to them.

To my cousin, success was surrounded by :

Being a mom that needs to provide for her children

Being worthy for her children

Being guilty because she cant provide for her children
It took a whole hour to dig.  I was actually unsure if I could do it in one hour. Hahaha.  But I kept digging and digging.  I started to hear the thoughts flow and was being lead by Creator the right questions to ask.

I surprised myself too.  I was surprised because by asking other types beliefs that pertained to success to her was very much IMPORTANT.   I was really looking at the clock and we had 10 minutes left in our session.  I told her, “Stand up and face north and check to see if  “I have to struggle to succeed’ is still there.”   She did the whole muscle test and she said it once.  She confirmed she swayed backwards.   Then she said, “Grace, I want to do it again to make sure.”   She said it again and swayed backwards.

WHOO HOOO!   The belief changed.  Thank you to Creator of All That Is.

What an amazing miracle.

I advised her to not continue the negative habits of feeling guilty and that she does provide for her children in many different ways.  To have worthiness for herself.  I told her to stop the habits so she can continue to have the new belief.

I AM SO HAPPY!   Im learning!   Im understanding.  I am enjoying it!

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