In the morning she (SS)  says, “Where is your flashlight?”

It’s early in the morning and I could hear the voices as she (SS)  is sobbing with tears.  I opened my eyes and there she (SS)  was desperately for help finding her (SS)  Crested Gecko.  She calls him Steve and he is about 8 inches long from tip of his nose to the end of his tail.  A chubby creature with big eyes and eyelashes.  It’s a cute one.


We spent the three to five hours combing through the kitchen, dining room and family room to find him.  Every corner, top, bottom, from the ceiling to the floor and every dark corner.   We even moved furniture, refrigerators and stove.

Two hours had passed and we kept looking again in the same areas.  I could feel my solar plexus becoming exhausted and a bit of nausea. I looked around the room and she (SS)  was in despair and cried with pain.  This was surely my empathic senses kicking in.  I told her (SS) , “Before you cry that way, lets stay positive and try to find him first okay?”

I had no choice.  I was desperate.  I went to the 7th plane and went to Creator and asked, “Creator of All That Is, show me where this Crested Gecko is?”

I was given the vision of a doll house version of my home. I stood there like a giant above looking from above.   I looked at Creator to show me.   The whole house looking from above became slightly dimmed from light and the room that light up was our Living room.   

Creator showed me that the Gecko was in the living room. (this part of the doll house LIGHTED UP)

I asked Creator another question, “Is the Gecko on a fabric surface or wood surface?” 

“Wood surface?”

I got a knowing, “not exactly”

“Metal surface?”

I got a knowing, “no”

“Fabric surface?”

I got a knowing, “yes”

I went straight to the living room.  Turned over couches, lifted up the treadmill and combed around the corners.  I sat there in the living room and she (SS) was there with me sitting at the sofa across from me waiting for results.  SS watched me as I go back to the 7th plane to speak to Creator.

“Will we find the Gecko today?”

I got the knowing, “yes”

“Will we find the Gecko within an hour?”

I got the knowing, “yes”

I was so exhausted, it has been already three hours and I was starving hungry.  I skipped breakfast and lunch and now it was almost 2pm.   I told SS that I will help again later.  I went to eat a few bites of a meal I made, brushed my teeth and got out of my pajamas.

When I was done….my father went back into the living room (the place that lighted up in my vision with Creator).  He went there to vacuum because he figured since we found dirt under the stove and under the fridge and every corner, we might as well clean the whole place.  My Dad yelled out, “Hey.  LOOK AT THIS!”

I ran to the living room and saw a tail. The tail blended in with the carpet and he was huddling under the flower pot WOOD STAND.

SS hurried to confirm and picked  him up.  She was all in tears and hugged him.  She put him back in his cage and fed the unhappy fella.  He looked unhappy when he went back into his cage.  Ohhhh well…poor Steve.  You’ve got your adventure.

Creator told me the correct location.  I was just too blind to believe he was on (FABRIC) which was carpet.  The Gecko blended in with the carpet.  Also wooden area was the wooden flower pot stand.  Creator said so too.

Wow….that was great practice.   Now I know for sure to next time write everything down.  Creator was “RIGHT” all along.  I was just not looking hard enough.


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