I cant remember every detail.   I am unsure if it was a third person dream like watching a movie….or if the female person in this dream was me.  I cannot remember this at all.   I can only remember a part where there was an envelope.  Not sure if it was an invitation or a love letter.   The man sitting on this chair was about to open the letter.  It seemed that the female was close to this man and she came and snatched the letter out of his hands.  She opened it and read it and said to him, “Who is Lindsey?”


My dreams are sometimes hard to decipher and it can be misleading as I am now trying to distinguish them from these following:


Past Life






Spirit Guides Conversations

Angel Guides Conversations

and etc

I say it is hard to decipher because I could be dreaming of a person and it is not about me.  I can interpret a dream and assume its about me but sometimes it is a mediumship dream.   I have had people I have never met in my entire life and they are telling me a story about how they died.  Sometimes it might be about the people they use to live with or their lifestyle.  They tell me memories of their lives when they were alive.

It can get confusing or I can make the mistake of thinking it is about me.

To tell you the truth, I don’t think I am a skillful medium when I am awake on this EARTHLY world.  When I am awake and do readings, I can get subtle messages.   Its not consistent when I am awake and doing readings.   It’s another whole different story when I am asleep.  The mediumship skill is strong in my dreams.  I can see the details of their faces and their personalities of these ghosts and spirits.  Even my GUIDES are very clear and detailed.


Ever since I been a child, it was mostly from dreams.  My dreams have always been very strong this way and I recall when I was about 8 years old, I spoke to myself. (I mustve connected with my guides).  I requested to not see them in front of my eyes and to just be spoken to in the best way for me where I am not scared out of my wits.  Perhaps my guides know and I have that skill now of remembering my dreams.  They come very strong.

Maybe I will start understanding this skill of mine through dreams.  There is a link somewhere.   I will figure it out soon enough.  Until then….here is my latest dream log.

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