I had reservations about Mediumship, but last night I did an exercise called, “Connecting with an Ancestor” through Thetahealing.   I haven’t done this command since 2010 when I learned Advanced Thetahealing.  I am actually never tried it, but tonight I tried it this way and I was surpised with the results.

To keep the privacy, I will have to try my best to work my way around concealing names.  I did a reading for my friend and she wanted to connect with her father.

I went to the 7th plane and asked Creator to connect with an actual spirit.  I said the name and I waited for the entity to appear in my thoughts.   I was surprised that the first thing that popped out of my mind was shoe laces.  I kept seeing her father and empathetically translated the knowing.  The shoelaces was a symbolism between them when she was a child.  She was not allowed at the time as a child to interact with her father and she use to just unlace her father’s shoes and receive a nickel.

I didn’t even know about the nickel and shoelaces.

I kept feeling the knowing that he wished he could tie her shoelaces.  Symbolizing that he had regret that he wasnt able to do that for her.  She asked questions and I was able to answer her accurately confirming her brothers and their jealousy and resentments.

It is really too much to type out here.  I was just surprised I did that so well.  I didnt mind doing that again but as long it is through the 7th plane with Creator of All That Is.  It is a lot safer this way.


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