My Mom came home from work (she works in a hospital).  She desperately needed help how to add a phone app from RED HAWK casinos since they were giving away iPads if you play a certain amount of time.  While I am helping her download this app into her HIGH TECH phone (mind you that she has the most advance phone in this day and age and doesnt know how to use it in the best way possible),  I am having a small conversation with her.

ME:   “So do you still have headaches?  Like ordinary weird headaches?”

MY MOM:  “Not anymore. It stopped three months ago.”

ME:   “Three months ago we were bombarded by too many ghosts in this house.  Majority of them came from your work.”

MY MOM:  “What?”

ME:   “Yeah.  Three months ago I finally found  a way to rid of them as soon as you walk into this house.”

MY MOM:  “What did you do?”

ME:   “I asked Creator to teach this house to repel entities, spirits, ghosts, waywards and demons.”

MY MOM:  “So you are a healer now?”

ME:   “Mom you have no idea. You get headaches but I get voices.  They tell me how they die and who they miss.”

MY MOM:  “What?”

I told her three example stories.  One of the man that use to be alive in our neighborhood.  ANother of a man who tells me he had a picnic with his wife at this beach.  I told her that my angel told that ghost that I cannot help him.

ME:    “Mom remember the time we lived on Moraes Court in San Jose? Yeah it happened there too. You guys thought I was crazy.”

MY MOM:  “You not scared?”

ME:     “No because my guide tells them that I cannot help them.”

I told her the story of hearing one in my brother’s apartment that lives in San Ramon, CA.

ME:   “It said, Who are you?”

MY MOM:   “You not scared?”

ME:    “Yes I do but what can I do?  I can either get MORE MORE scared or just say whatever…Ill move on and find  a way to stop hearing them.”

She stood right up….walked to the hallway and yells out to my dad,

MY MOM: “This child is crazy.  She said she been talking to ghosts.”

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