The past few nights I have been forgetting to wear my Hematite crystals.  It’s because I was super exhausted.  The heat is just over bearing.  I have my windows wide open and usually I do not like my windows wide open because I sleep on a one story home.  Yeah just a crazy belief.

My dreams lately has always been about LEARNING.  I feel like a part of me is fine tuning my beliefs.

The last dream I had was about being in a cafeteria.  I think a person was not eating and I had to share my food.

Strange strange dream.  Oh well.  Maybe it’s beliefs about food.  We will see.  Nice to log things so I can look back into it.



I will be taking it with Shawna O’Meara this month.  I am excited.

I will be learning new techniques and getting new downloads.  So my goal before the class is to reread my Basic and Advance book.  I read it like a reference book since 2010.  So….I made it my duty to read through it again.  Play with it and practice digging again.

I love THETAHEALING!  I am just so excited!



So here is my plan.  Mexico city is having Instructor Classes for Thetahealing.  If I get accepted into the Occupational Therapy Program this Spring, I will not be able to take any Thetahealing classes until Summer of 2013.  I have friends who will be free with their schedules and I will be concentrating with traditional school.  So my plan is to try my best to make it Thetahealing Mexico City in November.

My realistic goal is to fly out there for just the BASIC Thetahealing Instructor’s class.  If I can come up with more money I will sign up for the Advance and Rainbow Children Instructor classes too.

I tried to put together a budget.  Air fares are around 400 to 500 dollars.  Hotel lodging is still 95.00 a night.  I might have to look at HOSTELS instead. We will see. I will do the HOSTEL thing only if they have the capability of giving out lockers.  Who knows…I might just carry my roll around luggage with me for safety.  Basic instructors is still 800.00 across the globe no matter where Vianna is teaching it.

So my goal tomorrow is to dig up in my garage to see if there are some items I can sell on EBAY and also my old cameras.  We will see.

My estimated total?  Ughh my goodness. I have it listed on my EXCEL sheet somewhere on my laptop.

I will make this work.

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