I have felt so much profound changes in the last two days so far and it’s overwhelming.  I find myself sobbing early this morning because of so many changes are happening to me and I am trying very hard to keep myself grounded and sane.


For those of you who know astrology, I was told that AUGUST 15 was the end of mercury retrograde.  For weeks I have been for this day to finally make a big decision in letting go one of my most important businesses in Sacramento.  Won’t mention it because Search Engines like to send out spiders to log my blog into their “SEARCHES”.  I don’t want to air out drama into the world wide web.  I do have a big sense of release.  I feel lifted.   You would think that since I have attempted to get rid of it, I would be happy and filled with joy.   Actually I can describe that feeling being LIFTED, SADNESS and RELIEVED all at the same time.  These are conflicting emotions and it is exhausting to flip flop this way.  I let that pass me by for the rest of the day.


I woke up this morning feeling this loneliness.  Suddenly I had flashes in my mind of recalling memories of a past love of mine.  I have always been deeply connected to all my ex boyfriends.  Psychically it has always been deep.  There is one person I know that always pops up and it brings me back to a place of reminding me of how deeply connected we are.  Also messages that we are not completely done or some sort of energy that leaves us in limbo.

I remember for years I have always imagined myself walking beside him in daydreams or even when I am asleep at night.  I remember a vision of myself walking beside him and walking through the city.  It looked like a European city like Italy.  As we are walking through the city we are sort of sightseeing and I have my camera in my hands.  I am photographing architecture and also getting excited with everything that I see.  I can visualize myself always doing this through his eyes.

This morning I was told to remember the photograph I saw in his portfolio album.  It looked similar to my visualization above.  Could it be coincidence or did I plant that image in his head via telepathy.  Either way… is quite a coincidence.  He photographed a total stranger with the same pose and everything.

I later cried as I seen these flashes and my thought process was just going haywire.  Cried for hours this morning.

I realized how much I miss him.  There are weird circumstances between us but no doubt I love him a lot.

SO I cried myself to sleep because that was exhausting.  I woke up again because I heard a “VOOOOOOM”

Yes I heard a “VOOOOOOOOOOM”


The “VOOOOOOOOM”  was not loud or anything.  Reminded me of that cartoon Jetsons and when those flying saucer cars would pass by…it sounds like that, “VOOOOOOM”.  It was very soft by light.  Nothing intimidating or scary.

I sat right up and asked Creator what was that?

I got a knowing, “It is not a ghost. You know where it came from.”

Right away I spoke to my body part the heart.  Thetahealing BASIC DNA we learn to do basic stuff talking to the organs.  I spoke to my heart.

Simple questions.  I asked randomly..

Are you sad?

I got a knowing “yes”

I asked, “Are you in love with someone?”

I got a knowing “yes”

Then I randomly said some names of my ex boyfriends except on.

It kept on answering no no no no no to each one.

Then I finally said the name, “Are you still in love with _____?”

It actually said YES

I sat right up….started my day.

I told myself that I just needed to vent and cry.  I havent cried in months.

Sometimes with learning Thetahealing, I have learned to look at everything positive.  So I never had a reason to CRY.

But it happened. I longed for a person and missed him.


Im good now. I collected myself and moved forward with today.  I am doing all right.  Time to do belief work surrounding this TRIGGER.

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