I’ve been working on myself daily since I took the Manifesting and Abundance Thetahealing class last Sunday.  I looked at the list of beliefs that were given to us and went through them again to see if I missed any.  I have to say the class was great.  It’s just that sometimes when you are limited on time with a group of classmates, you are unsure if some of these sticked or not.  I also am concerned since we are all beginners.  Some of us are at different levels of skill and it’s okay. I have to say though that the people who were partners with me were very skillful in digging and doing the belief work with me.  They were great.

At first I started with the belief work on Manifesting and Abundance but later went in a different path.  I ended up looking at other beliefs and tried my best to not be biased.   I tried to dig as much as I can.

I found four yesterday and I got choked up.  It’s just amazing when you start to recognize the big changes after working on your beliefs.


Manifesting for things that would lead to what I really want in NOVEMBER 2012. I figured if I write down a list of goals, it will lead me to the outcome of my dreams.

I wrote it down here on paper beside me.  I know I should list it here for everyone to see out in the open on the internet.  No way.  Hehehe.

I will expose it to the people who know me, friends and family.  I will keep you guys updated on how the outcome will be.

I can write down something that might show you that it is working.


I have been writing to the Mexico City School for Thetahealing.  It’s been over a month and they never wrote.  Two or three days ago, I actually  manifested what I really want.  Finally in a few hours, I got an email from the people there and they finally got the ball rolling.  It was really cool.


So there you go! Im soooooooo excited!


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