Im still skeptical about this.  Not sure yet to believe or not.    For subscribers who are males may find this a little weird to read about, but who knows?  You may want to share this with your female pals.

I notice that my periods always begins on the day of the full moon.  According to moon phase calendars, the beginning of the full moon began early this morning AUGUST 31, 2012 at 07:57:45 AM.  I found it amusing that I got my period starting yesterday at around 8:00pm.  When I looked up at the sky, it was already a full moon.  I started noticing this years ago.  I do not know the exact time frame when this all started when my Menstrual cycle sync with the phases of the moon.  I know it has been several times for as long as I remember that this was always the case.  I decided to go out into the internet to browse some information of other people who may have the same thing.

I did a search online and found several web pages about the subject.  I never got the answers I wanted, so I searched the words, PERIOD, MENSTRUATION, FULL MOON, INTUITIVE and this is the best web page I found:


As I have said earlier, I am still a little skeptical as I am not one that really just takes a person’s word for it until I have really sat down 1) experience it, or 2) a person with an extensive background that does research said so and presented it with a scientific method.  I am actually not very easy to convince.

Just because I read, study and learn metaphysical books, go to meet ups or take classes, does not mean I am easily convinced.  I really am a logical, practical person.  In the intuitive community, it is actually said that people who are logical and practical have a hard time opening themselves to the possibilities.  I have learned over the years to find a middle ground, so that I am not so much out there in WOO WOO LAND.

But going back to the web page about Menstrual Cycles during the full moon.  Well the writer says that women who sync their periods to the full moon are actually highly intuitive.  Most women who start having their periods begin the phases in their lives to uncover more of their intuitive abilities, but as we get more and more intuitive, your menstrual cycle starts to sync with the moon.

It is a good read, so enjoy.

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