I dreamed that I was walking through this cottage looking house. Not so big.  Very simple small house.  I was walking around this house and heard someone trying to get into the house through the window.  It was raining outside and I was following the sounds of the the person trying to get into the house.  I yelled out to him, “That’s not the door!”  I followed him try to find the door.  I am thinking this guy has no idea what is a door.

When I finally followed him to the door, for some reason RUDY was right beside me and I saw him cooking string beans.  He was kind of annoyed saying, “Those people dont listen to me.”

As I watched this man finally walked through the door, he asks for my cousin Leah.  I told him, “I dont know where she is.”  He tells me he is from Thailand and that he wanted to take Leah out.   Rudy and I stood outside and we watched him try to dry himself from the rain.  He tells to Rudy and I to smile more.  Then I looked at Rudy and said to him, “Smile..he is from Thailand”

This man was large built.  GIANT and tall.  Possibly 6 foot 3 and he was overweight.  NOT too obese but he was large.  Tough looking guy.

Then I woke up.


I dreamed that it was night time.  At least it felt like it.  I felt that I was going to the store and in the car I was with Rudy my friend and a couple more people.  THe other people were also Vianna the founder of Thetahealing.

I was telling Rudy, Im going to talk to her.

He said to me, “Well dont talk to her about the laundry mat.”

When I looked up I saw a laundry mat and Vianna was doing her thing.  Not sure if she is shopping or meeting people.  But I was thinking to myself that I will need to find her and exchange thoughts and have a cool conversation with her.

I then woke up.