I was now in LUCID dreaming state.  I was aware that my physical body was asleep and that I was also dreaming.  As soon as I was aware, I saw in front of me iridescent light beginning to take form and behind this light was a background of total darkness.  It was just me and this light.

The light was forming but it didnt make out anything until I said, “Ok. Show me what is happening  in my mother’s body.” The light started to stretch out and it started to look like a digital screen that looked like pixels lining up and then later taking form.  In the back of this light at the same time was  a silhouette of a person, I knew right away it was my mother.  The iridescent digital light started to look orangy red and it moved quickly and highlighted the left side of my mother. Then it focused me to see the left side of her body near her liver that was above her stomach but not quite near her liver. It looked like the spleen.

I did spend several times in sleep doing this with people I knew.  I asked Creator to show me what is wrong with a person’s body.  But I couldn’t remember everyone’s.  I could only remember my mother’s.

WHen I woke up I was like WOW…I wanna do that when Im full awake.  I turned on my kindle in my ipod and saw that I saved a book about MEDICAL INTUITIVES.  I saved that book and I never took the time to read it.  I finally read about 200 pages and boy…..DO I WANT to develop my skill in being a medical intuitive.

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