What you been up to Grace?  I haven’t written a blog post since a few seconds ago and before that it was WEEKS ago.  What happened?

I think just that burned out feeling and also just recollecting my new path of what is important to me right now.  For the last three months, I been preparing my Occupational Therapy Applications to get into the program.   I been on the waiting list and the thing is too that they only accept students once a year with a limit of approximately 30 people.

Yes as a Thetahealing practitioner what did I do?  I asked Creator to bless my application and that I will accepted.  Took that Manifesting and Abundance class late August.

Also on top of doing that I have been reliving my life in the past with thoughts and also making short term/long term goals.

I have also been experiencing the people in my home and close family/friends changing.  Shifting I suppose for the good.  To be honest there has been a lot of triggering.  I figured it is the way the Universe showing me that not only have I shifted but others as well.  Without sounding like I am manifesting my words, it has been a time where I need to get use to the new changes.

I’ve noticed that when it comes to close friends that I have known for years, my perspective of what is most important is being thrown in my face.  I guess this is something I need to work on.   I was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the feeling that,

“Why do I have to pretend to be a certain way in order for people to stay comfortable?”

Then I had people tell me to just be myself and not let others get to me.  Well if I was to be myself, I have found that there were people we start to break ties with me or start the passive agressive.

I know there are people out there that don’t understand my view about religion or politics.

I personally believe religion is man made.  You may have to understand that majority of people that surround my circle of family friends are hard core Catholics, Non Denominational Christians.  Boy!  I have to say that I was one of these people.  I then started to realize that the people around me outside of the Christian community, there were also Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims and more.  Why do Christians exclude them?  It’s also vice versa too.   There is no right religion PERIOD!

I have to say that it is nice there are people who need religion to stay less chaotic and less insane.  People view the world in a LINEAR fashion and need that structure.  I have nothing against that. NOTHING AT ALL!  I do have a concern that they don’t realize that if you look at the REAL BIG PICTURE, we all do not need to be told how to think or how to do things right.


Here is an example of what I am trying to say.  If I drew a picture abstract shapes and stuff.  I can show it to a group of people and if they did not hear eachother’s answer, they will all give me their own interpretation of what they see. There may be similar answers and there may be different answers.  But see they made their interpretation from what they know and what comes from within.  In real life, these are things that we should do to make decisions.  You listen with your heart.

So lets say I didnt let these people make their own interpretations.  I actually tell them what I drew and what it means to me and etc etc.  This is no longer their perspective but my own.  Now when they interpret it to people what my picture is all about, some of them will repeat what I have told them and some will say what they think it’s all about.


As I have mentioned to people, we all have different perspectives of what “OUR TRUTH” is.  It doesn’t matter what your mom thinks or your friend thinks.  Ask yourself how does it make you see it.


So lets go back to religion.   Would you really put all your eggs in one basket to tell you what is true and what is not?  Do you hold another person’s ideas to tell you what is true?  Ask yourself deep in your heart what is true.

I truly believe that God is a loving God.  In a Christian perspective, why would God exclude Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and etc etc?   Why?  I have heard some Christian’s say, “You must teach them because they need to know the way and the TRUTH.”

Teach them what?  That your religion is better than their’s?  I truly think that it is wrong.  This is the reason we have so much conflicts in this world.  We have different views and different beliefs.

How about starting the thoughts of, “I FEEL WE ARE ALL THE SAME and WE ARE ALL CONNECTED AS ONE.”


I admit, it took a long time to really see it in this perspective and break away from my old beliefs.  I even thought that if I said it a certain way, will I burn in hell?

God loves us.  I stand my ground and I do not need to be told who God is.  I speak to God everyday.  We have a two way conversation all the time.


I know because every time I connect with God, I make myself  automatically put my heart out there.   We need to spend more time speaking and thinking within our hearts.  Try it some time.  Just put aside all beliefs and doctrines.  Feel it within your heart.


One thought on “UPDATES

  1. wow! I really admire your candor and respect your point of view. I am learning for myself about people’s views on religion. I, too believe there is no “one true religion”. I just wish people would stop telling me that I’m going to burn in hell or be in God’s outer circle. I let them live. Let ME live!

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