It was 7am and I sleep with my iPod because I had issues hearing everything.  Im a satellite dish and I tune into things sometimes to things that I shouldnt be hearing.   So Im very careful.  I wear the headset and listen to meditation music until I wake up the next day.  Something very interesting happened.

Yesterday I bought a few crystals.

Pyrite wand pendant – 1

Pyrite tumble stones – 4

Black Obsidian – 4

Dalmatian Jaspar ring – 4

Adventurine wand pendant – 1

Adventurine ring – 1

Shungite tumble stones – 2


I had a hay day yesterday buying all that.  I guess there are people who buy more than that.  I bought these for a reason.  The pyrite and black obsidian tumble stones were going to be placed on the boundary lines of the house.  I just realized that today is a full moon and it is perfect timing.  I knew it was full moon because I check my calendar daily.  I just never new that coincidentally that this day have come and I had this urge to get these tumble stones to create a grid.  My only concern is how to do this without me getting to the roof of the house.  Ill figure that out.  If any of you who create crystal grids often, let me know.  I think I have enough evenly to place the obsidians and pyrite  evenly at the boundaries of the property.  I just not sure if I still need to add another on the roof.  Let me know with your comments.

The Adventurine pieces was given to Simone.  Her ring shattered a few months ago and I finally was able to let her have it.

I cleansed the cystals of course.


I vaguely remember my dream but I recall halloween costumes, but I couldnt really see images of it.  Its like that knowing feeling that a conversation took place.  Issues about halloween costumes.

I heard a voice just before I woke up at 7am.  I woke up because what was interesting is that I can still hear the iPod playing loudly of meditation music in my ear.  As the music is playing, I heard a “female” voice.  The voice echoed like two women talking.  She says, “To be real, you have to be humble.”

Wow!  Along with the halloween costumes, it came with that voice.

Ive had dreams about working on myself being behind a costume.  FACADE etc etc.  I know I put a shield around me by not revealing my true self to people.  I do it because it keeps me safe from being rejected.

Wow…I thought I worked on this alread2y.  But it sounds to me that I havent deeply explored that in Thetahealing.  I will very soon.

Im just amazed to have heard that voice inside my head or headset.  It was very clear.  Im just amazed at the echoed voice.  I dont know the right word for that.  Intonation is really another word for chanting.  I guess it could be just speaking as if there were two people.

Anyways…what an interesting phenomena.  I will take the message to heart.

Oh you Thetahealing practitioners out there….you guys may be asking me, “Did you ask Creator?”

Yes I did!  Creator said yes it is one of my guides.  The message from Creator answered big and loud.  It is really a definite yes that message came directly from my guide.

I admit that I was really angry yesterday.  I vented and then I stopped and said…oh well Ill just along. Yup so true.

What an interesting morning. I feels sleepy again but full energized.