This is my text message explaining to my friend about my dream from last night.  I didnt want to type it out again, so I just copied and pasted it. Hee hee.  Yes….its early morning for me and Im lazy to re type it again.
Me: I had an interesting dream. I had several dreams actually. THe last one I thought was odd. 11:51 AM
Me: THe first one was having a conversation with my cousin sharon. We were in that black light. Like we dont see eachother but we feel and hear eachother. Conversatio 11:52 AM
Me: Another dream I was playing near the fish tank…talking to my fishes. 11:52 AM
Me: The last dream….hard to figure out if it is about me or a mediumship dream. It’s about a woman and she was in the transition of being independent. 11:53 AM
Me: Her boyfriend wanted her to move in with him, but she also got an apartment rental free because of her job. Her job gave her a rent free apartment. 11:54 AM
Me: Odd oh well. 11:54 AM


This has been an interesting few days. It’s now December 24. We made it after Dec 21.

I have to say that most people I know have not experience anything new or any changes. I think for me things are pretty much the same, but I have noticed that the funnel of energy when I connect with Creator or some of you may call it Source is now very STRONG and clear. It seems that the cord or pillar is cleansed and super open.

The feeling is different for me in this aspect.

I have been told that some people are noticing things like seeing spirits or having premonitions. These are actually people who are not into the psychic abilities. These are just people who are actually not open to this sort of thing, but suddenly witness it.

I am actually excited for this new change. I notice seeing 2:22 a lot.

At this web site:

Your thoughts are aligned with the truth. This is verification from the angels that those thoughts are correct. For example, if you have thought about quitting your job and are daydreaming about what you would really prefer to do instead, you will receive 222 as confirmation of the ideas you had that are aligned with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. It is confirmation that your recent thoughts are on the right path and that you should take the next step.

There are actually a lot more interpretations online about 2:22. Anyways… You all have a Happy Holiday!

Vianna Stibal’s Take on Dec 21, 2012

Got this message from THink.
Wish I understood Italian. Oh boy!

In 2008 Vianna did an interview in Italy about 2012. Today is supposed to be the end of the World. Vianna believes this is the New Beginning. Hopefully after today all people will be more enlightened and spiritual. We are stepping into the NEW and look forward to the future.

So from Vianna and all of us at THInK we wish you a Happy New Beginning.

Sending all of you lots of Love!

May the NEW bring you all love, happiness, abundance, and so much more.

Remember to stay Positive and send the universe positive messages about your life. We can create our own reality.

Love and Gratitude



I remember parts and a scene close to the end of my dream before I woke up.  I recall being in a regular house and it looked like I was in the kitchen with a group of people.  We were being told what to do.  A woman kept on telling us what was right and what was wrong.  Bossy woman.  I saw that some of the people in the room were following her orders.  They were sort of in fear too.  At this point of this dream it became LUCID.  I began to wonder why am I following orders from this woman?  I was sitting on a sofa and my friend Derek was sitting right beside me to my left.  We were facing eachother and we were given blankets to cover us up.  Mine kept sliding off of me and I recall pulling them over my shoulders over and over again.  Then my friend Derek says to me, “Bullshit.  All this is Bullshit.”  I asked him, “what are you talking about? What is Bullshit?”


The woman came back and said to us to stop complaining and put our blankets back on.  At this point I finally woke up.

To me this is an odd dream.