I was having a little disagreement with my ex and it was at first just a dark light dream because I couldnt see objects or faces.   I just had a knowing that I was talking to my ex.  We had a disagreement.  It was just a conversation.  Soon enough I was able to see physical things.  I saw an big orb fly by and stopped and stared at the both of us.  My ex did not pay attention to the orb, but I was as he was yapping away.

The orb started to form a head inside.  It had the head of a man and he had a wicked face.  Kind of reminded me of the generic visual “devil” face with the goatee beard.  I have to say it was not super ugly.  Just the typical goatee beard, black slick hair and sharp eyes.  Big deal!  Those features did not scare me but it freaked me out that I was able to see the head inside the orb.  I pointed at it while my EX was yapping away arguing and I said, “Did you see that? Did you see that?”  He stopped and looked above and he yelled out, “Yes I see it too.”

Automatically I stood there closed my eyes and did my Thetahealing to ask Creator to take all entities, spirits, ghosts, waywards, fallens and demons to Creator’s light and love.

It was finally gone.  Come to think of it….when I look back and recall this dream, Im surprised I automatically knew what to do. Hehehehe.  Whoo hoo….Thetahealing is a part of my lifestyle.


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