It’s been a while since I wrote into my blog.  At least regularly I have dreams to write about.  I believe I do have dreams, its just that I currently do not have sense of them when I wake up anymore.  I truly think it is my hematite crystals that make me forget them the moment I open my eyes.  They just disappear.


I have finally made it into the therapy program.  I will not go too much into detail as I am avoiding stalkers from the world wide web.  I am so excited that I can finally learn to become a person who works to help rehabilitate people.   I have never seen myself in the nursing career.  I have fought tooth and nail with my mother for years and yet I manage to always come to the nursing career issue.  I think I wouldve been a great photographer if I didnt live in Sacramento.  I think I wouldve been a great Ethnic studies major if I wasnt with FS.  It sounds like a lot of regret doesnt it?   Well Im going to make a turn on this thought right now.  No regrets as I know that these happen because I allowed them to.  It brought many people into my lives that I know today.  I wouldnt have met some people if it wasnt for these past events.

I got the congratulations letter a few days ago and I have already turned in my acceptance letter. Next step now is to wait for their response to tell me how to enroll for classes or if there are any special orientations.

I dont know how intense it will be.  I dont have anyone telling me how intense it will be.  I am really out of the blue kind of like entering a new world.  I did take the introduction class and it wasnt that bad at all.  It’s just a whole new way of looking at a client or patient.

I just know that being a OT or PT is actually rewarding.  You get to have a good time talking to them and also getting to know them.  Not having to worry about a million things or worrying about 8 patients at a time.  Yeah…I know it will be  a rewarding experience.

I just hope that as things get better, I will start continuing my education.  We will see what will happen.  That is the plan.


I have waited for three years to get into a program and over the years I have learned a lot about myself.  I came to realize that nursing was not for me.  I took a Manifesting and Abundance class and I learned a lot.   After a week of this class, I started my process in turning in my application into the therapy program.  I asked Creator to send unconditional love to my application and that I will be one of the chosen.  What an amazing miracle.  It is a miracle for me because it took three years.

I was beginning to worry about what I was doing with my life.  I have plans for the future.  I want to first rebuild my life of loving myself.  You cant help others if you dont love and help yourself.  So that is my first goal.  Second goal is to help those that I find precious to me and give them what they need.  Third, to finally buy property where I can take care of my parents and myself.  My parents are growing old and I dont believe in putting them into a nursing home.  Although in our society here today,  it might be realistic to put them into a care home because we are all working people here in USA.  But I will do my best to avoid this first.  At least I will make effort.  It is not a request by my parents,  maybe because i am also a Capricorn and we usually want to make sure our parents are taken care of .   There are a lot of alternatives.  Home Health aid and etc etc.  I want to be involved.

The ideal is to buy acreage and build a home.  My parents love the farm life.  I just think it can get expensive when it comes to building but we will see.

Well there you go. Sharing the world my dreams.  But bucket lists and dreams can always change.



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