I believe it is a TELEPATHIC DREAM

It is about 3am at the location of the person I had a conversation with in this dream.  It seemed more of a dark light dream.  I didnt see his face.  I could hear his voice and it looked like we were just talking.

I wish I remembered about what I was talking about. I could only remember the conversation about him talking about himself.

He says to me, “She is on my facebook.  I am leaving all my properties to her.”

I said, “She is?” For some strange reason a visual began and I saw a visual of being in front of my computer and I went to check his facebook.  I couldn’t find a female as there are a lot of them there.

Then he continues saying “She has cancer.”

Then our conversation started to cut in and out. Just like how you would talk to a person on the phone.  He said he will be in Union City next month.  That is only a few hours away from here.

I woke up surprised. I looked at the time it is 3am where he is right now.  He could be sleeping.


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