Newbe – Essential Oils

I am newbe when it comes to essential oils.

I pretty much started off with peppermint, eucalyptus and sweet orange.  I just read a lot about it and they are actually on sale at the SPROUTS farmers market store.  The brand name is Aura Cacia.  A very good friend of mine and teacher sells doTerra oils and she also mentioned she has tried Young Living.  I havent tried the Young Living, but I have tried a few drops of the doTerra oils peppermint oil.

I was never a fan or understood essential oils, but after watching youtube videos of their uses, I have become skeptical and would like to gain more knowledge about it.  One of these days possibly in January, I will sign up for a basic Aromatherapy class.  Maybe it might peak my interest to learn a little more later.

When I sampled the Peppermint Oil by doTerra, it was because I was taking a class that required a lot meditation.  Everyone in the classroom was getting sleepy and our teacher decided to give us a few drops to add to our temples of your heads to see if it help us wake up.  It worked!  I also love the refreshing smell of peppermint.  It makes me happier and cleaner.

I got the Bath & Body peppermint oil but I think it is not for ingesting.  It is only for home use.   I figured they mustve made some additives into their oils.  They are not essential.  I can tell because when they burn over my home made aromatherapy burner, there is a second smell that reminded me of oil burners. I think it is okay to use if you are limited to only home use.

When I was at the Sprouts store and saw the oils were on sale. I figured might as well try it out.

Some day when I am expert at essential oils, I think I will buy from doTerra.  It is therapeutic grade.

Right now I am burning the sweet orange over my aromatherapy burner.  Its suppose to liven up the space in your house and bring more happiness.  So far I feel okay.  It’s getting there.  It is very pleasant to smell.

Ive also read that it’s good for preventing insects into the house or cupboards.  Also organically instead of using pesticides on your plants just mix Sweet Orange essential oils with water and spray.

Some people in my family had the flu.  I caught their sore throat but now got rid of it.  I am stuck with congestion.  The eucalyptus oil…I didnt have the time to burn it over my aromatherapy burner because I was super exhausted and there is nobody here to seriously take care of me.  I just took a few drops and rubbed it bottom of my feet and a two to three drops onto my chest.  The next morning my congestion is almost gone.  Lets say yesterday being worse 10.  Yesterday I was a 10.  This morning my congestion is about a 5.  I am getting better. Pretty good.

So excited to learn about essential oils.  I am ready to learn more.


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