I recalled being in a room of empty bathtubs and another room full of fishes like a pet store.  I went to another place behind the doorways and found my cousin Brian sitting down at a pew.  I sat with him for a few and we gave eachother hugs as if we havent seen eachother.  I then saw his sister Michelle and she tells me her text messages went crazy and that she asked me if I got into the program.

I walked outside of the church and saw my cousin Sharon and I told her to come right in.  We went inside and we passed the pew and went to the side of the room  We later saw fishes and my cousin Sharon tells me she has Betta fishes at home. She explained to me that they give off a smell and that they are easy to take care of.

Then I picked up a fish out of  a tank and walked outside again through asphalted ground and it was dusk or sunset.  THe fish started to turn into a GECKO and it started to look like it needed water.  I did everything I could to walk quickly to give it water.  It didnt die but I panicked because it needed water.


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