I wish I could remember every detail about this dream.

I can only remember a small part.

There was a little boy that I once met years ago.  At least it felt like it was him.  He was about 3 or 4 years old at the time and he was stubborn.  He even had the typical gestures and personality of the stubborn child.  It was adorable to me and I recall his mother having a hard time.  That was my memory of him.

In this dream a boy just like him was alone and he didnt know what to do.  His feet was exposed and I had a chill in this dream like I wanted to get to a warm place.  I told him that I will cover his feet with socks.  So I did.  I covered his two feet with thick white socks.  I told him a story and we laughed together with some jokes.

I don’t know why I said this to him, “Im going to marry you one day.”  He said, “Yep…Im gonna marry you!”

Yes…a little tiny boy telling me that. Hahah.

Oh well that was all I remembered.  I knew there was more before this, but I cannot remember.



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