higherselfMy text message to my friend about an entity encounter is right below.  I just didnt want to repeat myself by typing it out again.  I have to say that I live in a numerology house 7.  I dont know if it is because I am intuitive and I just am the target here in this house.  Silly. Cause seriously I am the only one in this house experiencing it.  The others in this house, they are experiencing different phenomena.  They become agitated, angry, aggressive and very resentful.  They are not constantly like this because I ask Creator to cleanse this house regularly everyday and last night I didnt do it because I was exhausted from school.  The past few days I have been studying and lacking sleep.  So I decided last night that I was going to just go to sleep.

I have to say that I am the only one in this house that pays attention to my spirituality.   The funny thing is that I tried to ignore it last night by not doing my regular cleansing ritual.  I figured okay…I am back in school and studying constantly.  I will probably bring my vibration lower and not notice a thing.  Seriously.  I thought that if I lessen my time meditating or thinking spiritual things, I would stop experiencing these things.  BUT I AM NOT.

7AMI am beginning to notice that it occurs only when I am between sleep and awake.  It never happens when I am fully knocked out sleeping or when I am focused on hearing music.  I didnt have music playing in my ears when this happened.

The way I use to sleep has changed in the past two weeks.  I use to sleep with meditation music with a ear plugins and I would have it loop on my ipod till I wake up in the morning.  I dont do it anymore because my cellphone is not annoying enough for an alarm.  So I use the alarm that is on my ipod.  I put it on super blast with my speakers.  But see I cannot use my ipod and the alarm at the same time.  If I do, lets say my headset falls off my ear, the alarm will only be heard on the ear plugs.  Its a lame arrangement.   I need to find a better way.

I think when the time is right, I will need to go to another Thetahealer and ask to explore the reasons about this phenomena.  Who knows….could be that I just live in a Numerology 7 house.


Me: Around 11am my alarm went off. 12:02 PM

Me: I didnt want to get up, so I am now in between sleep and awake. 12:03 PM

Me: I am just laying flat on my back under my blanket and then I suddenly felt this nausea enveloping me 12:03 PM

Me: I felt it with myself the nausea and at the same time like a heavy dense feeling surrounding me. 12:04 PM

Me: I then realize I cannot open my eyes. I said inside my head, “Creator of All That is Help me.” Then the  energy lifted. 12:05 PM

Me: It got lighter and lighter. I was able to finally move my arms and my hands…and open my eyes. 12:05 PM
Me: Cause when it was happening I couldnt move or open my eyes. 12:05 PM

Me: But gosh I got up and started cleansing myself and the house. YOU KNOW…….I didnt do it last night or yesterday which I normally do. 12:06 PM

Me: I didnt do it because I was super exhausted. I was too tired to do it so I just fell asleep. 12:06 PM
Me: I skipped cause I was exhausted. 12:07 PM
Me: Man….I can never skip a day. GEESH 12:07 PM



This is a subject that I thought is cool to write about.  My friend asked me a question that made me want to organize my thoughts about how to explain this.


I have to say that I will respect any person’s opinion or belief about their answer.  But since this question is for me to answer, I will answer it to my best of my knowledge and the best of my ability.  Remember this is my opinion and you are entitled to your own opinions too.


I call God, Creator or Creator of All That Is.  I also call God, Mother God & Father God.  So if I type things out further, you know what I am referring to.   To me God has created the laws.  Laws that are natural for our way of living and the choices that we make.  The Laws…I can go on and on about how that works.  But that will be in a different conversation.  But for me to build up to my answer to the question is to place the foundation first.  I believe God created laws.  With these laws, no matter what choices you make, there are a million possibilities of the outcome.  That is how brilliant and intelligent Creator is.


I believe we are given free will.  Some people will say, “You think you have free will, but really this is not true.  It seems like free will but you really dont.”   I really believe that we have free will.  But the free will connects along side with the LAWS that God Created before we existed.   With some religious perspectives they would say, “We cannot choose and do whatever we want or we will create havoc on this earth.”   You know this is a funny answer because look at the earth today around you.  People create HAVOC anyway.  You see people create havoc, hurt people and make their lives crazy.  What do people think when they believe we dont have free will?   They believe that God created the unfortunate event.  The unfortunate event that people create HAVOC.  I personally do not like to blame God for our unfortunate events because this is not true.  If a person chooses to create Havoc, that is on their thoughts.


People are actually not negative or positive.  I believe people are all good.  But it is our thoughts and values that make us CORRUPTED.  You can have a corrupted thought about “LOVE”.  Everyone has their own definition of what LOVE is.  If a man chases a woman because his heart feels hurt that he cannot see or hear her.  That is to me not called love.  A man will hunt her down and finally say to her face, “I think I am in love with you?”  Why?  because he felt a LONGING?  because he felt an EMPTINESS?   Honestly to me this is not love.  This is longing and emptiness.   This is corrupted to me.  Love is the act of cherishing something or someone.  Believing …..them or an object to be precious.  There is a big difference.  Think about it.  It is completely different.    LONGING is really like related to an addiction or a lacking of. Same goes for EMPTINESS.    For many years we have been bombarded by television, movies, commercial advertisements and stories.  These are expressions of the creators of their artwork.  Very dramatic.  Therefore some of us sometimes think life should be this way.  DRAMATIC.  Life doesnt have to be dramatic.

awakenedWe do not need to CRY for hours and hours just to prove we love someone.  We do not need to throw dishes against the wall or vandalize someone’s car just so we can DRAMATICALLY show the world how hurt we are.  This is not healthy at all.

I admit I was one of those people that cry hours and hours just to PROVE to myself that I love a person.  Seriously, I am a lot older now and this is actually not neccessary.

I can go on for hours and hours with this subject about love, so lets get to the point about NEGATIVE and POSITIVE.  My point is that not every person is BAD.  They are this way because they have CORRUPTED perspectives.  Look at a person and know that they are no different from you and me.  They are as good as you and I.  But they have the possibility of accepting a CORRUPTED perspective.


So with the foundation that I have just mentioned above, I will now explain this.  To me manifesting is also co-creating with Creator.  Since the Laws have already been established, you just have to understand how that works.  The Laws are laid out.  Whatever the outcome will be, there are a million and billions of possibilities.  That is how amazing God is.  AMAZING! If God created all of your nerves, bones, flesh and etc etc…..dont you think God is capable of creating the possibilities of your choices?

You can choose to go to the train station tomorrow, take the car, take the bus or walk.  Your destination is to go from Sacramento to San Francisco.  The destination is the same.  But you have the CHOICE on how to get there.  But imagine the choices that you make….there are a million possibilities.  It is the same concept.

With manifesting, if you say, “I HAVE NO MONEY.”  Lets say you say that a lot.  You say it again and again and again.  How will a person grow from getting an abundance of money if you keep saying those words?  Do you blame God that you have no money?  Why should you?  You are the one who says YOU HAVE NO MONEY.  You have chosen to say those words and chosen to make that happen.   When a person says, “I HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY”  you are affirming the thoughts of that it is possible to have plenty of money and it is in the now that I can have plenty of money.  This cannot happen if you dont believe it is possible.  You have to actually believe it is possible in order to move forward to have the words of , I HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY.”


People can manifest things that are bad or good.


God is involved of course.  Remember what I told you?  The Laws have been laid out for us with a million possibilties.  BUT DO WE BLAME GOD for making these choices?

NO – you made these choices, therefore you will be given the result of what you ask for.  Remember again the LAWS.


Here is the thing.  People say things like, “I have a bad life because God put me here to learn a lesson.”  Are you serious?

You will actually blame God for your misfortunes?  Remember what I said about the LAWS?  A million possibilities have already been laid out.  You just have to make the choices.  That ties along with free will.

If you believe every time you are at an unfortunate event or your life is in shambles and you blame God, that is not cool.  Walk backwards and find out how that happened?  Can you imagine everyone blaming God for every terrible thing that happened to you?


I am in jail cause God is teaching me a lesson.

BAH – ask yourself how you got there.

I have a bad marriage, my husband beats me up.  God wants me to learn this lesson.

You also have the choice to leave and not get hurt again.  God does not tell you to stay there and continue to have a beating.

I have no money cause God wants me to learn to control and that if I have it I will become addicted to it.

Seriously? You think God told you to be addicted to money?  You think that God is punishing you because you might get addicted to money?

I am overweight and God is teaching me this because I am not faithful.  I have to be fat to stay faithful.

Dont laugh.  There are people out there that truly believe this.  Do you blame God that you are fat?  You are the one who created this belief.  Therefore you make the results be of being fat.  You believe it, then it will be that way.

You can choose to be healthy and skinny and believe you can still be faithful.  Why blame God for this?


Everyone has a destiny.  That destiny of course to me is not a bad one.  It is again a matter of perspective.  BUT the journey is up to you.

You can get to your destination with a rough journey or a beautiful journey.

Like taking a trip to San Francisco, California.  You can choose the rough journey by taking a dirt path with rocks and hills. OR you can choose the path to take the train and sleep OR take a car and watch the scenery.

It is the same for our lives.  The choices you make can be a beautiful journey to the destination.  It can also be a rough journey.  CHOOSE with integrity.  We are not stupid.  Deep down, we know what is a good choice and what is not.

BTC005_01If you are triggered or unsettled for the choices you make, it is because something deep down is telling you to make a better decision.

You are an amazing creature.  God gave you that common sense and the knowing of what is right and what is wrong.  The results will surface.  The sadness and anger will surface to remind you.   NO MATTER WHAT.


Most definitely God is always there.  Bad or good choices.  You are a piece of God.  You are a co-creator. The Laws and your choices….you will then see the results of your actions.


I was texting my friend about a dream I just got today.  I took a short nap. This is what happened. Me: In this short nap…I am not kidding. I went walking somewhere. Not sure where. 11:01 AM Me: But as I got … Continue reading


My dream was about my ex and I.   We were both sightseeing in San Francisco.  We were both looking for a building. I don’t quite remember all of the details. I
remember seeing myself sitting with him on the stairwell.  In another scene we were both outside overlooking San Francisco Golden Gate bridge. I said to him you are lucky to live here.   It’s not as great if you don’t have a bike he said.  There you go…my dream.


Pardon the weird formatting and strange grammar.  Hhaha.  Tried to write this all out on my cellphone when I woke up.  I figured it would be easier to do the voice activated typing while I am in bed, so that I dont forget to recall the dream.  Next time I should press the DRAFT button instead of publish.