I had taken a nap for about an hour.  I received a vivid dream.


I found myself running into a building a couple of times. I knew where everything was.  I was given a brief tour of where the bathroom was and the hallways and bedrooms.  A few stairs down into a veranda or lobby had a  checkered floor and then a door that cant move open completely into a restroom.  It felt like I was in a hotel or a large mansion.  Not quite sure.  But I recall the place feeling very much like a giant white architecture.  Feels victorian too at the same time.  This lobby area or veranda had wooden furniture and plants in pots.  As I was feeling my bladder in this dream, I ran all over the house looking for the restroom.  As I was walking down these few stairs to get to the veranda/lobby area, plants were all hoarded as if there was no path to get through the bathroom.  As I finally got through, I didnt feel like going to the bathroom anymore.

There was an old man sitting at one of the wicker chairs. He was dressed in a nice suit.  Looks like a man from the South.  But as I walked closer to him his face kept changing.  At first he looked like one of my Uncles, Filipino/Spanish man and then later he would also look like the Coloniel from KFC.  I know hilarious right?  His face kept changing.  He even sometimes looked like some of my college professors back in the day.

As I approached him and forgotten about going into the bathroom, we had a conversation about language.  He asked me, “So tell me about learning Ilocano.”  Ilocano is my parent’s native language in the Philippines.  I told him, “My parents said I need to learn the modern Ilocano instead of the old Ilocano.”  I slowly walked towards him.  He nodded and sort of smiled and laughed, “Yes yes. What do you mean?”  I explained to him, “I should learn to speak Ilocano the way people speak it. Not old school.”  He asked me, “Like example?”  I told him, “Naimbag nga bigat mo?”  He laughed and said, “Ahh yes.”

I knew that nobody actually speak that way.  But I told him that its kinda impressive for the Old people to hear it from me.

I finally woke up and had to run to the bathroom. Hahaha I guess the feeling of wanting to pee actually was real.

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