My dream was about my ex and I.   We were both sightseeing in San Francisco.  We were both looking for a building. I don’t quite remember all of the details. I
remember seeing myself sitting with him on the stairwell.  In another scene we were both outside overlooking San Francisco Golden Gate bridge. I said to him you are lucky to live here.   It’s not as great if you don’t have a bike he said.  There you go…my dream.


Pardon the weird formatting and strange grammar.  Hhaha.  Tried to write this all out on my cellphone when I woke up.  I figured it would be easier to do the voice activated typing while I am in bed, so that I dont forget to recall the dream.  Next time I should press the DRAFT button instead of publish.

One thought on “DREAM

  1. Hmm building refers to finding yourself and of course the ex is all about emotions and feelings that you may be re-experiencing in your life. The staircase means change and transformation. To see a bridge is union or partnership. The bike has a bunch of meanings but for you it has to do with balance. “Its not as great if you don’t have balance.” I think this correlates pretty well to your later posting about love and blocks. Such a small amount of info took a while decipher haha!

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