I was texting my friend about a dream I just got today.  I took a short nap. This is what happened.
Me: In this short nap…I am not kidding. I went walking somewhere. Not sure where. 11:01 AM
Me: But as I got to my destination, I saw an orange fish hanging out with me. i looked at it and it looked like one of my fishes. 11:01 AM
Me: I said to it, “Why are you following me?” It was flying in the air like a bird. I took it and cuddled it in my arms. It kept squirming to get out of my arms and flew away. 11:02 AM
Me: Wherever I went there was a woman in bed who was sick….she was holding onto two people a little boy and a man. She was crying. OH shoot…mediumship dream 11:03 AM
Me: Then I went outside the house and saw a tree full of fishes. I called out my fish’s name. I couldnt find him. 11:03 AM
Me: IN REAL LIFE…..simone yelled to my door and woke up, “Ponyo (my fish) looks white!” I stood right up to look at him…..YES he turned white. I changed the water 25% 11:04 AM
Me: He is slowly turning orange again. I think we need to start switching tanks. I think the 20 gallon is making him sick.11:05 AM
Me: ok i just checked again. He is full orange again. 11:06 AM
Im amazed at this dream.  Seems that Ponyo called out to me to help him.

3 thoughts on “DREAM

    • You know, in the dream it was Ringo that I recognized. I think he wanted me to know about Ponyo. Isnt that sweet? Ringo his other orange friend fish met me in a dream. I say it was Ringo in my dream because I said Ringo in the dream. So I think he wanted me to know about Ponyo getting sick. Awww I love those fishes. THANKS PAMELA….yah im glad too. We bought a 55 gallon tank but we need to still buy filters, heaters, a canopy, gravel/sand. Yah takes a while to build that system. In time we will move them. We just gotta keep a close watch at the water. Seems like the algae eaters are always moving the gravel causing the debris to fly around…makes the fishes feel sick.

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