higherselfMy text message to my friend about an entity encounter is right below.  I just didnt want to repeat myself by typing it out again.  I have to say that I live in a numerology house 7.  I dont know if it is because I am intuitive and I just am the target here in this house.  Silly. Cause seriously I am the only one in this house experiencing it.  The others in this house, they are experiencing different phenomena.  They become agitated, angry, aggressive and very resentful.  They are not constantly like this because I ask Creator to cleanse this house regularly everyday and last night I didnt do it because I was exhausted from school.  The past few days I have been studying and lacking sleep.  So I decided last night that I was going to just go to sleep.

I have to say that I am the only one in this house that pays attention to my spirituality.   The funny thing is that I tried to ignore it last night by not doing my regular cleansing ritual.  I figured okay…I am back in school and studying constantly.  I will probably bring my vibration lower and not notice a thing.  Seriously.  I thought that if I lessen my time meditating or thinking spiritual things, I would stop experiencing these things.  BUT I AM NOT.

7AMI am beginning to notice that it occurs only when I am between sleep and awake.  It never happens when I am fully knocked out sleeping or when I am focused on hearing music.  I didnt have music playing in my ears when this happened.

The way I use to sleep has changed in the past two weeks.  I use to sleep with meditation music with a ear plugins and I would have it loop on my ipod till I wake up in the morning.  I dont do it anymore because my cellphone is not annoying enough for an alarm.  So I use the alarm that is on my ipod.  I put it on super blast with my speakers.  But see I cannot use my ipod and the alarm at the same time.  If I do, lets say my headset falls off my ear, the alarm will only be heard on the ear plugs.  Its a lame arrangement.   I need to find a better way.

I think when the time is right, I will need to go to another Thetahealer and ask to explore the reasons about this phenomena.  Who knows….could be that I just live in a Numerology 7 house.


Me: Around 11am my alarm went off. 12:02 PM

Me: I didnt want to get up, so I am now in between sleep and awake. 12:03 PM

Me: I am just laying flat on my back under my blanket and then I suddenly felt this nausea enveloping me 12:03 PM

Me: I felt it with myself the nausea and at the same time like a heavy dense feeling surrounding me. 12:04 PM

Me: I then realize I cannot open my eyes. I said inside my head, “Creator of All That is Help me.” Then the  energy lifted. 12:05 PM

Me: It got lighter and lighter. I was able to finally move my arms and my hands…and open my eyes. 12:05 PM
Me: Cause when it was happening I couldnt move or open my eyes. 12:05 PM

Me: But gosh I got up and started cleansing myself and the house. YOU KNOW…….I didnt do it last night or yesterday which I normally do. 12:06 PM

Me: I didnt do it because I was super exhausted. I was too tired to do it so I just fell asleep. 12:06 PM
Me: I skipped cause I was exhausted. 12:07 PM
Me: Man….I can never skip a day. GEESH 12:07 PM

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