I just got my acceptance letter last November about going into a career in Rehabilitation.  If you are in the medical field, you would ask me, “Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy?”  I am not suppose to be too detailed and my professors do keep track of our facebooks, blogs, myspace, twitter and etc etc.  So to keep the privacy, I would have to be careful with what I say.

I have been actually excited about being in the program and it’s already been three weeks now.  To be honest, I am overwhelmed with all the textbook reading and the papers we have to write.  YES its only been three weeks and we are bombarded by this.

So what do I need to do to manifest good things for myself.  Well first of all bombarded doesnt have to be negative.  Bombarded because I am learning to be the best therapist possible in my field.  I need to prepare for the Board Exam in order to practice in my field.  These classes and textbook read is just for me to prepare for the major exams that will be available for me.

Knowledge is power and to have this power is to also be WILLING to actually absorb this information.


I think I had a block when I was a kid.  The smartest kids were called INTELLECT.  I wanted to be with the cool kids, so if you were smart you were considered a nerd or a geek.  Let me see if I have that block right now.


Okay I tried a few muscle tests.


I know there was a trauma that I once had in the first grade.  I need to explore that.  The teachers in Hawaii are pretty mean.  In those days they were able to knock your head with their knuckles if you were unable to get the material.  I think my teacher was pretty mean.  Ill explore that and see if that can be cleared with Creator.


Ive done a few beliefs regarding being successful in school.


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