dreamI cant remember every little detail.  I took a nap after coming home from school today.  It was a Saturday and we had a class from 9am till 4pm.  It’s a Saturday.  But this program does have a few Saturday class.

So I took a nap and what I can remember is being in a room and I could hear or speaking to this person beside me.  Im assuming this is one of my guides.  The person says to me to return this ring to my Thetahealing teacher “SO”.  I handed it to her and then after a series of events in this dream that I cannot remember I am back to the same place with “SO”  and the person beside me says, “Take this ring and give it to her.  This is the correct one.”  So I did give it to her.

Suddenly….I dont even know why. But I had a dream that someone called me and said, “I am here”  I saw myself looking out the the window that is above my door.   I looked and there was my friend Paula.  I heard her voice, “Im here now.”

Suddenly I WOKE UP literally in this waking physical world again.

As I stood up from my bed, my phone rang and it was Paula calling me.  Before I could pick up my phone, it went to voice mail and she said, “I am here and Im waiting outside.”

YES I went straight outside and met her.  She came over to pick up something she left behind.  ISNT THAT A TRIP?

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