Young Girl Asleep on PillowFIRST DREAM

I recall being in someone’s home.  It was a large house and my professor was there.  I wasnt sure what was happening but I ended up seeing him with this child.


This is really not so straight forward.  My professor is a Therapist for Pediatrics.  Who knows…it could be his child or not.  Not really sure.


I woke up took off my hematites and fell asleep again.  I wanted to get up from bed, but it was too cold to get up.  I crawled back into bed and I had a short dream of the Virgin Mary statue with a pillar of water above it’s head.

Who knows.  Water means life or alive.  I been wearing a moldavite crystal for the past two days.  It says that one of the properties to get in contact with your guides.  I have a duality about guides, 7th plane and getting the correct names. I know for a fact that people say it is not the name that is important, but here is the thing it has to be.  At least to me it is.  Let’s say you have chosen Jesus as your guide.  Jesus the one you know as Jesus Christ.  The words Jesus Christ is english and then you got so many names like Jesus Sananda etc etc.  SO lets say you talk to Jesus.  Who are you summoning?  They say its the intent that counts.  I really think its BOTH.    It also depends on the person on how or what it means how to connect the energy of the guide.  Plus Jesus has a different name when he was in that side of the world.  His name was Hamachaic Yeshua.

Then you got the terms like people would say, “It’s okay.  It’s really the composite we all pray to.”  Composite?  Okay maybe its okay because the manifestation of a group consciousness that summon or create a being who is the ideal Jesus.  It’s all confusing for me.


So I will write down all my questions of the dualities of connecting with spirit guides.  My 7th plane connection and all of the things I need to do know because this is confusing to me.

I am a Thetahealing practitioner and we suppose to connect to Creator of all that Is before talking to anyone (angels, spirits etc etc).  As a Thetahealing practitioner, I have learned that we just take the basics from Vianna’s Thetahealing, but as we move on to our own lives….we have to do what we can to merge what we already know.  Whatever works for you.   BUT TO MAKE IT CLEAR….when you learn it….it has to be Vianna’s way so that it stays pure and that it has not be manipulated or taught as a different version.  I have met other  practitioners and they have merged it in a way that works for them.



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