I can remember that Ling and I were at the department store.  It felt like we were at Macys on the first floor and I could see all the different areas, the teen section, the perfume section and cosmetics.  It was because we were situated in the middle of the store.  In the middle of the store was a game.  This part I dont remember the actual game.  It felt like a basketball thrown into a hoop or a fake gun shooting a peg or some sort of spongy thing to go into a hoop.  But Ling and I were playing and it felt like we struggled and other times we had victory.  When it was done, I confronted Ling that I will not be able to do the projects we planned on doing for a while because I have to go to school.  She said, “I was going to tell you too.”  I said, “We artists follow our own nose anyway.”


I have no idea why I said “nose”.  I dont even talk lik  e that but whatever.  Ling is a hair stylist I know that I coordinate with my photography business.  Right now we cant work together because I am busy with school.

I dont do fun photography projects anymore because Im really afraid of being behind in my studies.  I do have some small projects and get paid.  Which doesnt require a lot of planning and brain work.  Im ok with that.


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