Young Girl Asleep on Pillow

I do not know even where to begin.  My classes are in the evening, I wake up pretty late than most people.  I think I woke up at 6am, 9am and 11am.  I also stay up studying, so don’t be alarmed.  It’s not a bad habit for me to wake up in these strange hours.  I seriously stay up studying.

It’s pretty much a scattered and connected dream.


I recall standing in a valley or a place where there were full of hills and mountains. As I stood here enjoying the beautiful scenery of the blue skies touching the peaks of the mountains and the green hills of grass that blanketed throughout the circumference of where I was standing.  Between two large hills in front of me, I saw a large ship just moving in to dock.  For some strange reason, I panicked by natural reaction.  I ran into a house and looked for anyone in there to warn them.  I said, “Oh my God.  We are all going to drown like the Titanic.  We will drown.”  In my natural reaction, I thought water from the sea/ocean was going to come to the surface and drown all of us.  As I tried looking all over the house for people to warn, nobody was actually there.  There were partial vintage and modern furniture.  It looked occupied as if people lived there currently, but nobody was home.

Suddenly I saw a man walk in and he acted as if we were friends.  Then a woman that felt like it was his significant other walked in and asked me who I am.  I told her, “Ask Erica, she knows me.”  (I have no idea why I said that. Erica is my program’s class vice president club)  When Erica arrived into the house, I told her, “Go tell um Erica.  Tell them that you know me.”  She said, “yes I know her.”  Strangely….there was no flood or tidal wave.  It was still bright and beautiful outside the house.


Okay that is the end of my dream.  Odd but oh well.

This is my interpretation. Not from a book.  You have to first figure out what certain objects “mean to you”  then go ahead and look at other people’s interpretations.

To me the Hills and Mountains are my ambitions or goals.  I think what I see here is that I know that I have goals.  I am actually happy currently by the way the sky and greenery.

I usually love boats.  But something large like a ship is something I may relate to as wonderful and also dangerous too.  So something like that ship, even though with my eyes I saw it dock safely.  I had a nervousness of it making something like a flood or tidalwave.  Which means that I panick for something that may not even be there.  Boats riding on water is like travelling on new life.  As water…also represents the spirit or it can also mean emotions.   I would have to say emotions in this dream.  My subconscious is probably telling me that I am quick to get worked up and get nervous.

The empty house represents a foreign person/body.  I do not believe it was my house.  A house on the hills just tells me that it is a person that is in my place of goals.  The two unknown people…who knows…it could be spirits. (mediumship)  Everytime I see strangers in my dreams, I make note that it is possible of them being entities.  You have to know that it is possible or you’ll be  limited.  But they might just be random faces that are in my dream.  Erica is a person I know from my school club in the program I am in.  I needed to contact her today because I gave my membership fee to the treasurer instead.  So I needed to confirm she received it.  I guess the house could mean that I might feel unsure or the possibility of being robbed or cheated for giving my money to a different person I do not know.  Who knows?  It can be literal and that I actually met some entities.

Thats it!

2 thoughts on “DREAM

  1. Wow! Interesting… You can remember so much about your dream. I always forget mine. Someone will startle me awake or I have to jump up and use the bathroom. Hehehe…

    • When you write your dreams often, you will start to recall them in detail. It also helps to meditate often so you can tell the difference between your “dream state” brain wave to your alpha brain wave. If you can distinguish the difference in those states, you can recall. Some people just exercise this activity just by making it a habit of recalling it as soon as you wake up. Everyone can do this. We are born with it. It’s like a muscle that needs exercising.

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