dreamI guess this will not take long.  This dream was not very long.  I could only remember the parts only right before I woke up.

I was talking to a person who was right beside me.  I did not see the face or the body.  It was like being comfortable having a conversation with this person beside me.  I was in a room full of children in this clean white room but slightly dimmed.  The children were in different ways of sitting.  Some were just legs straight out sitting and some where in indian style cross legged .  Some kids were in the typical meditation cross leg where the leg goes over the other.  They all had their eyes closed.

I said out loud, “Oh they are all meditating.”  The voice beside me said, “Yes.  When they meditate, their bodies chemically become balanced.”  I said, “So what is the best advice you can give me individually to meditate effectively?”  The voice said, “How about you try meditating in a dim lit room.  We do this so the chemicals and hormones can be balanced.”  I said, “Okay.  I will try that.”

Then I woke up.



Well I dont know. Hehe.  I seriously went and googled “meditation and hormones.”  I got several web sites saying it actually to balance your hormones.  Okay seriously…of all the years that I have learned meditation, I have always only thought of our bodies just balancing spiritually.  Physically?  I guess I just automatically knew it like common sense but it was not a focus to really think about.  But web sites are claiming it is true.  I havent read the web sites yet.  I will when I unwind from this day.


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