I only slept for approximately 20 minutes.

Its very short but I still want to record it in my blog.  I saw two early twenty year old girls inside my house.  I was actually studying and they just came right in and told me, “We are hanging out here.”

I don’t know why I was so annoyed and protective.  I told the girls to leave.   I told them, they dont belong here and that they are going to make a lot of noise.  I seriously walked behind one of the girls and grabbed her hair as if I was going to make pig tails.  I pulled the hair this way and said, “LEAVE!”

I woke up.


Seriously its not all symbolic to me. Hehehe.  It was a mediumship dream.  Because when I woke up 20 minutes later, I heard two vibrations.  It was annoying.  Its may be very faint for the norm for some people but I have sharp hearing.  I guess the Claireaudient skill is not so cool when you are trying to fall asleep.  But heard them loud and clear.  The house did symbolize my body or my space.  I am naturally like this.  THIS IS MY SPACE.  No intruders allowed!

I know that some mediums might be horrified at the thought that I would actually pull people’s hair or act like a meany.  HEY….I have free will and these are my rules.  My rules is that if I am asleep, you dont bother me!  In fact dont bother me at all.  The only mediumship I do is picking and choosing who I want to talk to.  I normally do not talk to spirits, entities, waywards or ghosts.  I DO NOT LIKE VISITORS that are not invited.  LEAVE!  They need to learn some manners in that realm.  They need to be reminded that we have free will and my free will is….STAY OUT!

The vibrations cannot touch me physically.  They are outside my auric field, but it sure is annoying being able to hear them.

Now back to sleep.

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