Young Girl Asleep on Pillow

I dont remember every detail.  It just felt like I was at a resort where people come to relax, cleanse and meditate.  I felt that I went all over the place.  Upstairs, downstairs, indoors and outdoors.  I saw people relaxing in a warm pool and seeing smoke floating out of it.  It looked like warm water.  People were in white towels, white robes and clothing.   It was really nice.

Closer to the end of my dream, I saw myself at another part of the resort where some people met.  It was like a pool house or community lodge.  There was a speaker there and people gathered around her.  I dont recall what she was actually talking about, but the only thing I remember her saying is , “I must leave now.  I have a sick appointment.”   She waved and walked out the door.

Then I woke up.



I have to say that I do thorough auric cleanses and my property every other day.  Before school started, I use to do it every single day.  Now its just every other day.   On the days when it is not thorough, I just cleanse my aura and the house but it is not in full details.

dreamSo last night I did a thorough cleanse.  I think that the dream is just related to my spiritual cleanse.  The last part of this dream about the speaker saying she will leave because she has a sick appointment tells me she is a sickness, virus or an entity.  It looks like she was giving her farewells.

I would have to say when I ask Creator to cleanse me, I do hope for these extra things that do not serve me to leave.  A sick appointment sounds to me like an allergy or something that only works in the season. This time of the year is allergy season.  I know for sure that before I went to bed, I was clearing my throat saying that I didnt want any allergies.    Im sure that woman in my dream represented a sickness/allergy.   Good for her.  Farewell……when I woke up that fuzzy feeling that was behind my nose and throat was finally gone.  YAY!  So cool…bye bye!

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