I am discovering something new about me.  I started to take notice a couple weeks ago by looking at people at least 6 to 7 feet away from me, I could see their auras or after glow.  I really do not know what that is called.

When I read books or making cleanses on my aura on myself, I visualize it what I learn.   But with my own eyes, I can only see the phantom glow of a person.  A few weeks ago…possibly in the time frame of three months, the phantom glows looked like they move around the person’s body about one inch to three inches around a person’s body.  I have to say the honest truth is that for years I could only see this for a second.  As long as they are 6 feet away from me, I can now see a person’s phantom glow.

Now here is the interesting part.  When I am talking to a person about something serious about them and they do not want to take ownership for it,  I can actually see the phantom after glow jump out and trying to get away.  This tells me they do not want to be in this conversation or they do not want to hear the truth.

I will do a few experiments in the next couple of days or weeks.  I will check to see if I can see if a person is lying.  If they jump out of their bodies…I wonder if it will jump out.

Now this is different when an entity tries to stick onto you.  It’s not the same.  This is your actual light or spirit within you.

I know the difference.  I have seen dark shadows hovering behind a person before “in live”.  It’s really not the same.  Until then….Ill keep you guys posted.



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