It’s that time of the year.  Our bodies naturally detox towards the end of February.  I went into deep thinking and thought about “Lent”.  It’s that time of the year also for Catholics to go into Lent.  Basically, the tradition of this holiday is to go to church on Ash Wednesday which is around mid February.  You take part of this ceremony and get anointed at the forehead with ashes of (dead palm leaves from last year’s PALM SUNDAY).  They mix that with blessed oils and leave an imprint of the ash onto your forehead.  This is a commitment to sacrifice something you really love until Easter Sunday.

Many years I’ve given up during lent candy, rice (cause asians love rice), chocolate or just not spending time with the one you love.  


So anyway…I dont want to alarm other Catholics, but I do not partake these traditions anymore.  I still dont eat meat during Fridays.  But here is the thought that I came up with.    Since our bodies detox this time of the year, what if in the olden days, some of the intelligent people who deem themselves as “leaders” knew about the natural cleansing.  Since our bodies go through this natural cleansing, why not help our bodies by doing the ritual of not eating meat and foods that we indulge.  Foods that is the norm for indulging, are things that I mentioned:  meats, candies, chocolate, wine, etc etc.


I am doing a detox myself.  I purchased a Rapid Cleanse kit by Renew Life.  It’s a  seven day cleanse. Rapid Cleanse is a good product.  How do I know?  I used it three or four years ago and I havent done a cleanse ever since.  Been procrastinating and now I think I am due for it.  I should be doing this every twice a year.    Renew Life has many different detoxing products.  Some are 14 days and some are more than that.  I have chosen the 7 days to stay within the week of Spring Break.  Once Spring Break is over, I would like to start living my normal life without worrying about going to the bathroom.  

***I truly advise that you talk to your doctor before attempting to do such a thing.  I am not responsible for anything if you should decide to try a detox regime.  So please do not hold me accountable for your decision to try this yourself.


From what I remember years ago when doing this cleanse,  usually it happens in the morning when you wake up.  I dont recall running to the bathroom all day long and you have stomach pains.  This product is gentle and it does not cause that kind of pain.  


Last night I did some belief work on myself.  I did some downloads from the Disease and Disorder book and downloaded beliefs regarding, Viruses, Fungus and Bacteria.   I went to look at the book again this morning and saw I skipped the Microbes and the Yeast.  I will do that again today.  I started my first step of detox this morning.   I did the belief work hoping that it will also help with the process.  I also continued after downloads to see if they stuck.  

So today after writing this blog, I will muscle test myself to see if these beliefs have stuck after sleeping last night.


I have to admit, my sleep last night was not smooth.  Mind you that my first major heightened senses is auditory.  I heard hissing.  I know this may some pretty creepy for some people to read, but when you are claireaudient, I expect the strange possibilities.   I will not make assumptions as I can only make theories at this point.  Because of the belief work last night, I think that any negative energies are acting up that are within me or around me.  I know for a fact that was not a “ghost, spirit, demon or fallens.”  How do I know?  Because I know the difference.  After spending a whole year learning how to rid of them, I can now tell the difference.  

Those of you who are learning to understand their Claireaudient abilities, listen carefully to the difference.   If the sound is external, it is most likely an entity, ghost, spirit..etc etc.  But see I have cleanse myself so well that they no longer can get near me.  I also ask Creator to repair and strengthen my Auric field on a daily basis.  I do this because “Healers” should do it.  Because I do this so much,  I can now hear entities, ghosts…etc etc….walk outside of my Auric field.  They cannot brush themselves against me anymore.   That was FREAKING PAIN when they use to do that.  I can explain why it’s a pain and hassle when they did that later.   When you are a healer, you need to repair your aura and strengthen because you are constantly helping yourself and others heal.  Sometimes it can get emotional for you after doing these healings.  A piece of you changes and it does put  a toll.  You must constantly ground too.  


When you hear internal sounds that doesnt feel like your sounds, they are a number of things.  Parasites, microbes, bacteria, viruses, yeasts and negative energies are what are probably hanging out inside the body.  So I did some belief work on myself last night.  Its creepy right?  I think its gross thinking that there are alive things inside of us.  People do have them.  After this cleanse, I will wait two months and take the PARASITE cleanse.  I just dont like the idea of other energies influencing my thoughts.


Like I said many of us have energies, bacteria, microbes, yeast, viruses…..etc etc in our bodies.  You’re not really normal if you say you dont have them.  But many people do not understand that in order to be a “GOOD” psychic or intuitive, is to distinguish the many types of energies around you.  If you have entities stuck to your auric field and parasites in your body, you need to know what messages you are getting.  What if you FEEL the feeling of, “I AM NOT WORTHY”.  Its just a feeling.  It might be your feeling or it might be a parasite making you feel that way.   Seriously, if energies mesh together, it can be deceiving.  Your energy and a parasite’s energy….how will you know which thought or feeling is yours?

That is why it is important to do a detox and cleanse if you are an intuitive. INTERNALLY, EXTERNALLY and SPIRITUALLY needs to be cleansed.


I am expecting the thoughts to come through that say, “I AM DYING.”  I know because certain energies will be gone and will need to let go from my body.  They will be dying and also leaving.  So this is what I will be expecting.


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