loveIt is holy week and my mom is going insane!

I have nothing against Catholics.  I have deep respect for their religious beliefs and their dedication.  BUT I will be honest with what I have to say about not only Catholics but to ALL Christian and all religions.

This is my stand.  I don’t believe there is one TRUE religion.

Who has the RIGHT to actually make a statement like that?  If they do, it is a matter of opinion.  Okay you think your religion is the best, then that means you exclude all other people with different faiths.

Do you honestly believe God wanted all of us as brothers and sisters to exclude each other?  I started off as an Episcopalean as a baby baptized.  I have had Christian friends accepted it.  They say oh youre Episcopalean.  Cool.  Just because it might be better than Catholic.  Then you got some Christians and other spiritualists say, “OMG, Catholic?  Ewww. Not good.”

Im not going to deny it.  My entire family is all Catholic and they taught me Catholic stuff.  Episcopalean and Catholicism is almost similar.

Then here I am TODAY.  What am I?

I answer with honesty…….I HAVE NO RELIGION.  Just because I don’t have one, doesnt mean I am Athiest.  I am not ATHIEST.   To me religion is man made and it excludes us from the entire world just because we all have different beliefs.   Religion is only good when a group of people can learn from eachother and grow together.  But it is not the LAW of the Universe.  There is a difference.

You learn and interact with your community which is your church.  You learn from each other.  Experience together and learn.  As a human being, you have a mind of your own.  Ask yourself if it makes sense or if it applies.  Then use your own free will and brain to determine that.  Religion was not suppose to FEED you information and you say OKAY I BELIEVE WHAT YOU SAY.  Why have we started this bad habit of just being fed information and follow?  Why havent we been taught to practice our FREE WILL?  We call that Dogma when you believe in what people tell you and how you should think. Following rituals…doctrines…etc etc.

Oh yes….the answer might be….BECAUSE if we all had free will, we would all hurt eachother.  First of all,  we been told what to do, therefore we were taught to tell people what to do.  People no longer can think for themselves anymore.  Is it God’s will for us to control people?  Then people will say, “If we dont control we would be in chaos.”  IN CHAOS huh?  We are in chaos because people do not know how to make the right decisions.

It’s important we all learn to make right decisions.  You cannot do that if we are being fed with info all the time.  We dont think anymore because TV tells us what we need to know.

So going back to my scenario of my Mother telling me to partake Good Friday.  I am not dissing you Catholics.  I just learned too much in the past three years and if I go back to that same way of praying and believing, it would be like walking backwards.  I am sorry.

I am still sitting on the fence about Jesus.  I believe in the ideal of Jesus.  The teacher that he is and the beliefs he has taught us.  Then there is the duality of beliefs in the Bible like the scripture:  Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.'”

Christians worship Jesus.  They call him God. Demi God etc etc.

But didnt Jesus just say in all Christian Bibles that to worship GOD ONLY.

I am not saying I am against this belief.  I have met some psychics that believe in this too.   I believe Jesus is highly advanced.  But I also believe that some other dualities do not fit together in the bible.  It looks like as if someone has tampered with it and the consistencies do not go together.

Healers that work with spirit say they talk to Jesus.  Then months later they say, Oh call him Hamachaich Yeshua (means Messiah Jesus).  Whoa.   Names make a difference?  You got healers say that it doesnt matter.  What matters if you can recall him through your heart.  Yes but if healers dont know the difference, how do you know who is who?

Stories of two Jesus.  One born of Mother Mary.  Another was actually a highly advanced being.  There was a gap between from the time he is twelve and then hear of him before he turned 30.  Where did he go?   Or…the last years of his life was a different being?

You see. TOO MUCH INFORMATION out there, we do not know the difference anymore.   I will not submit myself until the truth in my heart is revealed to me.

The only thing that I know is real and true for me.  Is my connection to God, Creator of All That Is….I call Mother God/Father God the same.  I know who I am talking to.  Nobody told me who it is and what it is.  Nobody’s version.  My version and what I know.  I know am not lied to.


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