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A message from Thetahealing Thailand
Dear Friends,

We are happy to present to you our next event in Koh Phangan, Thailand: the last 3 courses of the ThetaHealing® course from 3rd of June to 21st of June 2013.
We host these courses in a tropical paradise island where you can enjoy relaxation while expanding your intuitive and healing abilities to a completely new level.

Disease and Disorder Course:
Expand your healing ability to the next level.

In this course, you will get clear knowledge and understanding of how and why diseases and disorders appear and develop in the body.
The information given in this course comes from more than 45,000 sessions Vianna did with her clients.
All the knowledge and experience, Vianna acquired regarding which beliefs and feelings are connected with more than 300 different common diseases and disorders can be yours after this 2-week course.

You will identify and resolve your personal blocks that limit you to achieve instant healing on particular diseases and disorders for yourself and/or your clients
World Relations Course:
Heal yourself, heal the world.
The way the world treats you is a direct reflection of your assumption about the world.
The World Relations course is a powerful tool to identify and heal the negative beliefs, programs, emotions, issues, and prejudices that you hold against different countries, nations, ethnic groups, religions, institutions, and categories of people.
Healing your relationship to the world will allow much more love, happiness, peace, opportunity, and abundance to flow freely in your life.
All this deep resentment work is going to increase your psychic ability and connection to the Creator to a completely new level.
DNA3 Course:
Open up to the infinite possibilities of the universe.

DNA3, the highest ThetaHealing®course currently available, will move you into a new paradigm where everything is possible.
You will explore your inherent power and potential, have fun learning and playing with the elements, atoms, and molecules;
learn new amazing reading and healing techniques, and much more…!

3 Courses Package: Disease and Disorder, World Relations, and DNA3:
Dates: 3 – 28 June 2013, Monday to Friday
Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, and Intuitive Anatomy
Deposit: €440
Investment: € 2500
Early bird special: € 2200, if deposit is paid before 3 May 2013
Find all details and information about all the courses online at Theta Healing Thailand.
With Love and Gratitude
Martin Loriot de Rouvray
Lucas Lamberti

Theta healing Master and certificate of science 
CONTACT:   Theta Healing Thailand (

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