The last few days and weeks have been very hectic.  The medical program that I am enrolled in is very intense.  I had accelerated learning before, but this is different.  I have never in my entire life back to back study for exams almost three times aweek and on top of it is a papers and projects due back to back.  This is really something to get use to.


I do remember having dreams in the past few weeks.  I just never had the time to type it all out.  I know one thing for sure.  I first remember starting off the first few weeks that I absent my way from writing dreams, I felt like I woke up with my body telling me it is angry.  Yeah interesting right?  I had just gotten a new bracelet crystal which I suspect looks like a carnelian.  It got cleansed, asked Creator to remove the trauma and return it back to it’s original properties.  The first night I got the message that my body or something was angry.  I kept dreaming that for the next three days.


So how did I resolve it?  I realized that I havent realy done a thorough cleanse of the house, family members and myself in the last three days too.  So I figured I might as well do it.  So I did and did it thoroughly this time.  I also asked Creator to balance the chemicals in my body in the highest and best way.  I started to feel my body relax again in the next morning.  MAYBE a little too relaxed.   Well to be detailed I did ask Creator to balance the chemicals ALSO in my pituitary gland.  Wow.  Next morning I think I was trying to sleep.  My body was not positioned very well.  I woke up feeling like I swallowed air. Haha.

I shouldve asked people in the house if I snored.  I forgot to ask.

But yeah I layed on my tummy to see if I will burp.  I read online that if you do this, it is because you got a sleeping disorder like SLEEP APNEA or you just slept in a wrong position.  The strange thing is…I didnt dream.

I thought when you dream, you are really not in deep sleep.  When you are in deep sleep, you really cannot dream.  It is the place where you are between sleep and awake.  That is where you dream.


If you want to dream, you must be between the area where your brain wave is between awake and sleep.  Theta Brain Wave.  I have to say that if I was swallowing air, I seriously did not dream a thing.  I mustve been in deep sleep.  Because when I woke up, my head fully rested.  I actually could feel it.   I guess breathing like that didnt actually put me to between awake and sleep.


That place where I am awake and asleep…I have seen things.  Some things look more tangible and physicalc.  At that time, I couldnt hold that brain wave too long and I eventually just went back to sleep.  It happened a year or two before I learned Thetahealing.  I recall waking up but still sleepy.  I saw an old looking woman about 2 and half feet tall.  I could be mistaken at 3 feet tall.  She was startled to see that I might be half awake or asleep.  In my mind, I wasnt scared or startled either.  I was actually saying to myself, “What is that?”  We both started at eachother silently.  It looked like those figurines that they found on Easter Island.   She had the same face but she wore a scarf over her head.  She was brown looking.  But had the same facial features as the figurine from Easter Island.

SERIOUSLY….I have never seen that figurine until this year 2013 and I saw that woman in 2007 or 2008.  What was it doing?  I have no idea.   The funny thing is that it was standing at the foot of my bed.  You know I wonder about that.  Because when I talk to other intuitives…..they always seem to see spirits/entities etc etc at the foot of their bed.


It could mean a lot of things.  What I learned is that I have heard some psychics or intuitive talking about visiting the people they love or know.  Astral travel I guess.   When they do that….I have heard of the advance ones say they ENTER through the feet.  WHICH I FOUND DISTURBING because I am an extreme advocate of FREE WILL.  Invading someone’s space or feet or body is to me WRONG.  That act is actually DARK and negative.

But yeah.  I wonder if that woman was trying to touch my feet or do something to it.  Whatever.  It was not cool.

I just needed to write that out to get my thoughts out of the way.  I need it to stay focused.  I have an MAJOR exam tomorrow evening.   ARGHH!


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