It has been a very hectic few weeks.  Checking in right now and just ranting about my most up to date of being a full time student.  I have been waking up early in the morning and driving out to the campus library to study.  Every since I have done this, my grades have sky rocketed.  I am very please with my ability to bring my grades up.   In fact, that is probably what I will have to do in the next two years before I graduate.

I have a blog separated from this one that focuses on my career from beginning to end.  But I couldnt finish it because it is just too hectic.  I will probably try to make one soon because I am not in slow mode again.

I still meditate like I always do.  THis is something that I cannot do without.  It helps me focus and it grounds me.  My body makes a different tone when I stop meditating.  I notice I get headaches.  Ever since I started meditating, I dont get serious headaches.  If I did, it would last for less than 5 minutes.  I also notice a bit of nausea if I dont meditate too.  I think that when you get nausea and it is not related to anything like your menstruation, you ate something bad, or you have a hormone imbalance,  you have to think of the possibilities that something like an entity is attaching themselves to you.  Thats ONE possibility too.

I wear a moldavite that is about the size of a nickel.  It is pretty strong and when you feel it in your hand and close your eyes to connect to the energy, it feels dynamic.  You can feel it sway you side to side and then front to back.  There is no pattern.  It actually inconsistently repeats itself in all random directions.  The energy is really interesting.  I think that is why entities dont like attaching themselves on you when you wear one of these things.  The downfall is that not all people can handle wearing them.  Since the energy is random, some people will get that feeling like being sea sick and nausea.  It’s not for everyone.  I think some people can train themselves to wear one.  It’s just a tolerance thing.  Also your vestibular system just needs some training.  It is sort of like your muscles needing to get use to the movements.  The moldavite pendant that I am wearing  was great in the beginning.  I didnt get sick at all.  But when I had my period, I had to remove it because having the both things at the same time did make me nauseate.

I put it back on after my period.  When that happened, I never had a problem at all.

Okay this is just random ranting right now.  Just needed to get some energy out so I can function in the next few hours.  No distractions.  SHHHH im studying.


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