I been having lots of dreams, but I forget to log them.  My time has been hectic lately and I couldn’t make the time to remember to come here to log the dream.   But right now I am making the effort to talk about the one I just had.

I cannot remember every single detail.  I recall seeing a man and a woman.  They were trying to find a hiding spot.  The feeling is like they were hiding something and they didnt want others to know.

The woman was carrying more than one dress. There were bunches of hangers in her hand and all were green dresses.  Once they found their hiding spot, I thought they were going to kiss but instead they were being discrete and that woman still continued to hold on tight to those dresses.  It seemed like she didnt want anyone to know she got them.  The man was her accomplice.

The woman was a brunette.  She had that raven hair look to her.  Caucasian woman with features similar to Winona Ryder or Demi Moore. Just that Dark hair and porcelain skin.  The man looked like Blake Shelton, country singer/producer.  Hilarious!  I think it was Blake Shelton.  But anyways it was a dream.  Pretty interesting.

It’s an odd dream.  Strange strange strange. Hahah.


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