I can only remember towards the end of this dream.

I recall seeing a room full of waitresses.  They had those 1920 or 1930s outfit that looks similar to a bell hop.  They had the red tops with long sleeves with golden buttons that looked semi tuxedo cut.  Double breasted buttons were layed out on the tops.  The waitresses were like standing in rows in a dim lighted room.  I couldnt see their faces, but I could see the silhouette of their hair, the hat, body and clothes.  The only thing that dimmed was the face.  I could not clearly see their faces.  They stood there in rows in this room like mannequins.  I only remember a man speaking to me in this room and he was standing showing me what was in this room.  I couldnt remember the face of this man.

Suddenly the scene of my dream changed.  I was in a room full of people talking about a card trick.  The man in this dream was trying to figure out a card trick.  The man in the first part of my dream, took over and suddenly took the cards and completed a card trick.  The man who was figuring it out was a little adamant and told him, “Hey its not suppose to be that way.”   I was watching this whole time.

I recall on one of the cards with the character CURIOUS GEORGE.

I suddenly woke up.


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