All my life I have always witnessed things that would categorized as something “not normal”.  I was told that the reason why I see, feel or hear things that are of the paranormal or beyond, it is because

  1. Family members or others would say I am seeking attention
  2. It is because my side of the family on my father’s side are known to be shamans, alternative medicine practitioners
  3. I was just born with it

Now that finals is over, I went back to my old habits of reconnecting with my spiritual side again.  I have always maintained my meditations and cleanses during my months of being back in school.  I just never went beyond that when school is in session for the semester.  The last couple of days after finals,  I decided to start giving sessions to a friend who was a stroke victim (CVA) that has contractures in her left arm.  I worked on her for a couple of hours.  Within these hours, I was given list of books, list of web sites and things to read related to spirituality.  The discussion back into the vibe of spirituality was a wonderful thing.

It’s a wonderful thing because it is one of the things that I know I am confident in.   I spent the last couple of days noticing that I was hearing voices again and vibrations.   I suddenly opened up more than usual.

So I asked myself, “Am I scared?”

Here is the thing.  I have experienced crazy things far more startling than what I am experiencing now.  Right now its nothing compared to when I was startled to get use to the idea that I might be a Medium.  So the answer is, “No.  I am not scared.”

So what is making me worry?

I have ignored harnessing my Natural Mediumship skills.    Ever since I was a little girl, I remember having the ability to actually hear, see and feel them.  But I just ignored it thinking that I might be just seeing things.

I have reservations about being touched.  Because I have experienced what it’s like to feel the disturbance in my energy field.  When I started feeling those early last year, I spent days, weeks and months perfecting the skill of making the boundaries and making sure I had the confidence knowing that I really have full control.

Here is the thing……DO YOU HAVE CONTROL if they are telepathically speaking to you?

Just writing this out right now and pouring my thoughts out.  Maybe out of all my cleansing and closing the door rituals on a daily basis.  I need to actually tell Creator to close all telepathic messages as well.  Sure…I know how to keep them away from touching me.  I also know how to keep them outside the house.  and out of the property.  But I could still receive stories of dead people telling me how they died and how much the missed their loved ones.


I guess other mediums who will read this will say that I must be scared out of my wits.  Seriously?  I seriously do not want to hear voices when I am actually sleeping.  It is very startling.  If this is fear….them so be it.  I just dont like to be startled.  I am sure most people do not want to be startled.


So I actually went all over the internet for ways to STOP BECOMING A MEDIUM.  Of course there is no such web site for that.  There are no web sites or people out there that will tell you how to stop becoming a medium.  It is non existant.  When realizing that there is no such thing, I have now accepted the fact that I will always naturally be a medium.  There is just no way to stop it at all.


Now that I have accepted that I am a natural born medium.  Now what?  How do you actually walk backwards and say I want to reduce it?  There is no way to do it.  Even if I cut my ties from being spiritual, I believe it will still be there.  I KNOW IT!  I will still get mediumship dreams and mediumship experiences when awake.  I know it!

So what do I do?  The only option I have is to actually learn to HARNESS and USE THESE abilities with skill and precision.  I feel that I have no choice.  How do you actually shut them out.  I do not believe it is possible.

As a Thetahealing practitioner, we are taught that everything is possible.  Who knows, maybe I will think about possibilities.  But for now I am realizing that if I try to find to close these abilities, will it also close off other abilities of connecting to Creator and having the awareness of my environment.  I realize that I need to ask the question, “What do you want?”


Do you want to be intuitive? or Do you want to be oblivious to what is really happening beyond around you?

I decided that I want to continue to be who I am.  Which is staying intuitive.


Right now, I will not practice mediumship even thought it happens unexpectedly.  It is because I am a medium with my skills coming to me without control.  I will first find ways to protect myself first.    How do I do that?

Well I know how to do it spiritually.  It’s been working very well in the last two years.  But see the only thing that I DO NOT LIKE……is when they telepathically speak to me without control.  This is what I need to work on.

Once I have learned to protect myself, then I will move forward to harness and control.  Protection of my mind is important.  I think that is all I need to work on right now.


I think I will purchase either a necklace or a tumblestone.  Experiment and see how it will work for me.


Most Thetahealers will tell me that I need to do belief work on myself about the belief of being a Medium.  Honestly..I said earlier in this blog that I have accepted being a natural born medium.  I also have the skill to keep them from touching me, messing with my energy.  I have also the skill to protect the inside and outside of my home.  THE ONLY THING that probably would need to work on is THE TELEPATHIC messages coming in that I could not control.


That is the issue.  Is being without control.  Why does control have to be an issue?  Yeah I already know there are people out there who will tell me, “You will not make the most of it if you are always in control.”

Im sorry but I disagree.  I want to be in control with whatever is coming to me, mentally, physically, spiritually.  No surprises.  I am in CONTROL.

I know what it feels like to be in control of my space, my thoughts, my body.


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