I finally decided that I will learn Reiki this summer before Fall semester begins.  I signed up and I am very excited.   I don’t want to put down any healing modalities or try to compare them on a blog post.  It’s because they all have their own special features.

Who knows?  If at the end of the tunnel Reiki is not the modality for me,  at least learned the basis of the way people heal with it.

I really wanted to go to Idaho and take the instructor courses for Thetahealing.  But because of scheduling and school in the way for the summer, I really cant go.  Plus my request for Thetahealing scholarship was not impressive enough.  But no harm done.  I will look forward for the next time I can go.

But since I cannot go, might as well fulfill some of my desires which is learning.  I love learning new modalities and understanding them.

Thetahealing is my first love.  It is the first modality I have ever learned.  So branching out to see what others are doing, just lets me have an idea what is going on.


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