I was in the living room making barriers for my fishes.  Somehow in this dream, I made barriers without an actual aquarium.  I was able to make fishes swim in invisible barriers and also make them go throughout the room.

Then later I couldnt see my favorite fish swiming.  I freaked out.  Later I looked all over the floor and finally found one of my favorite fishes barely almost breathing. I later put him into a barrier full of water and he swam away from my hand.  I turned around and saw a glass case full of things and remembered in another dream that this arrived from National Geographic.  As I looked into that glass case, I saw a snack slithering on the floor with a leopard head.  It slipped through the glass case and came out.  As I saw that happening I ran for help.

I went to see my dad and I told to get the snack from the living room. I told him that the snake had a leopard head.  When we were near the living room, from a distance I saw the snake again but this time without the leopard head which I assumed that the leopard head was just a mask.

My dad was brave enough to go after it.  Then a flash of a memory told me that my dad knew how to pick up snakes without getting hurt.

Later a woman came to me and this woman and told us we had to leave the palace.  I said to myself, “Why?  I didnt do anything wrong.  The King loves me, why would he tell me to leave the palace?”  I slowly packed my things and later I heard a woman say to me, “They are here.  You have a few more hours to prepare.”

I went outside of my quarters and saw my workshop house.  I walked into that workshop house and found little pieces of stickers or paper.  I tried to find the perfect way to say I love you.  Then I said how do you write this in Korean?  A woman walked in and said, “Good idea.  let me try.”  I asked her, “Can you write: I love you in Korean?”  She posted what she wrote and it was in Japanese Kanji writing and I was frustrated.  I said, “You dont really know how?”

I said to myself, “How will I leave a message to his Majesty that is discreet and for him alone to read?  If I could write it, I would put it against the door where people least expect it.”

I was frustrated, I kept writing and writing.  Then I woke up.

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