It was a challenging time falling asleep last night.  It could mean a number of things.

  • I ate about two hours before bedtime.
  • I drank caffeine.
  • Paranoid because of dream the other night (snake squeezing my right arm)

Well they did say mercury retrograde was going be a big influence that Thursday (yesterday).  Plus I got a retrograde in my third house.  Not neccessarily mercury, but the third house is “cousins” with Mercury due to it’s communication character.  Plus I keep seeing flashes of light that are not scary or anything.  It’s just startling. Haha.

Here I am right now starting a blog.  It just popped out of my head and I needed to write it all out or I will go insane.  I just had some goals that I want to complete by 2017.

I want to get my degree in Rehabilitation Services and then later Masters in Occupational Therapy.  This is good that I am writing this out.  It’s sort of manifesting it along the way.  Making goals and plans is a great thing.  While I am building my education, I would like to take some certifications in between like becoming:

  • Neonatal Infant Developmental Care Assessment Program
  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor
  • Neuro-Developmental Training
  • Faagan Test of Infant Intelligence
  • Infant Developmental Instructor

I know it looks a lot but some of these certifications last for a week or less.  I feel why not do these during summer vacations and by the time I reach my ultimate goal, I would have a cool resume.  As you can see, it looks like I am gearing myself to want to specialize in neonatal or infancy for Occupational Therapy or Rehabilitation.

I remember last semester watching an Occupational Therapist demonstrating her job working with babies who have delays in their milestones.  She showed us a couple of techniques on how to teach a child to learn to sit up for themselves.  Some babies are developmentally behind and lack the practice or exercise to teach themselves to sit up.  So that was one of things I learned that day watching the OT.  The babies she worked with had conditions like Cerebral Palsy, or a heart condition where the child had a surgery right away after birth.  Sometimes surgery early at birth can put the child in milestone delays.

I remember a friend of mine a few years ago had a son who had a hole in his heart and he was sent from Honolulu to Stanford Medical.   I recall two years watching her son unable to reach his milestones.  He was already two years old and he continued to still remain to not speak or to not walk.   I never kept track later after the second year because I had to move back to California.

There are just so many training, certifications and classes for specializing with neonatals, infants and toddlers.  I think one step at a time.   Now that I got that out of my system, its time for me to take a short nap.


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