I got my first taste of a slight of arthritis on my ankle.  My dad and all my uncles all have gout.  Me?  I have never thought I would experience such a thing.  Right now it is pretty mild.  It’s not as painful like the way most of the people I know who say they have it.  But this scares me a bit because I think I really am getting older and I need to watch the way I eat.

Basically when a gout happens, it is because of what is happening in the kidneys. If your kidneys stop helping to flush out uric acid out of your system, it can make a build up in the joints and then flares up.  So I have asked Creator in the highest and best way to CHANGE the amount of uric acid in my system.  Also repairing my kidneys.

I have to say that I do not have those MAJOR painful case of gout.  But I have to say that I know it is there.  I even confirmed with Creator.

Wow. So amazed.  It feels like a tenderness around my ankle joint.  Feels like a slight hairline fracture or a slight sprain ankle.  But here is the thing,  I did not sprain it.

I been asking Creator to balance chemicals in my body, change uric acid, change kidneys…etc etc.  Did everything.  So far it has actually gone away.  I feel good.

So now that I know I am prone….I need to really be careful by the way I eat.



I found out it is not arthritis.

I have TENDONITIS.  Its a constant strain in my ankle area.  I must have a habit of doing a certain movement.  Its like carpal tunnel but in the ankle.


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