Green Food Powders



I went into Sprout’s Farmer’s Market yesterday and bought some sampler packages of green food powders.  Years ago I bought a whole canister of green food powder, but didnt understand how to use it except to mix it in water and drink it down.  Now I realize that we can mix these with smoothies and juice.

I have tried one yesterday and one this morning.  I am already feeling changes in my body.  I know people may say, but you can just eat veggies everyday too.  Well I do too, but I feel that I need more.

I guess as you get older, your body starts to tell you that it is not the same as it use to be when you were a vibrant 18 year old.   It’s not the lack of energy, its more like you can suddenly feel your blood flow, or a little nausea cause your body doesnt like certain foods.  Yeah that kind of stuff.  Hee hee.

Well Im ready to buy a giant container of this Organic Superfood.  I like it.

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