ThetaHealing® Rhythm for Finding your Perfect Weight

bookSo I decided that since I cannot go to Idaho this year or take a ThetaHealing® class because of being in school, I decided to read this book.  Why not?  I thirst for knowledge and I figured if I can try this out, I can at least do something nice for myself.

So far I have read approximately 3 chapters.  I wrote down the beliefs and muscle tested.  I also did a few downloads and also skipped through the Exercise belief.  I wont go into it because I dont want to get into trouble from the institute.  But its really actually really cool.  There is a part in the book that actually makes you think your body had just exercised and more details.  There are more details in the book.

So I tried that part.  I can actually feel like a part of my hypothalamus is actually feeling the energy of that I had just exercised.  My lungs feels like they had just went through an expansion.  It’s that same feeling when you literally exercise.  Im actually excited.    So if you want to try something out, you should read the book.  If you are not a Thetahealing® practitioner, this might seem hard to understand.  If you need help, find a practitioner to help you.  It’s actually really cool.

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