I just saw my brother today.  He came to visit with his wife and we had a short conversation in our family room.   As I was looking at him, I couldn’t help but saw his Aura.  I seriously knew that after my Reiki Attunement, I was beginning to see more things.  I saw and felt things before, after the attunement, I was more open intuitively.  It’s like parts of me had enhanced.

I saw sparks of light around him.  This tells me with little knowledge about Auric fields or multidimensional bodies and planes……that there is a foggy or cloud around him.  Like these sparks of light are trying to make its way out of the fog.

I could be wrong.  This now urges me to really take a class im CHAKRA and AURIC cleansing.  I learned from Thetahealing basic how to cleanse.  I would like to also see other perspectives too.  The reason?  Is because sometimes when you learn from other points of view…….you find a link somewhere that really makes perfect sense.  So that is what I want to do.

So after I finally complete my Reiki Master, I will really try to focus on understanding the chakras and auras.  I believe that I already know but I would like to know it till I become at least an expert at it.  We continue to learn……and will always learn.

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